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Casey Anthony Seen Partying Shortly Before Documentary Release — Despite Saying She Struggles To Go Out In Public

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Casey Anthony

Peacock’s newest docuseries has officially dropped, focusing primarily on the prolific Casey Anthony and her version of events that happened with the death of her daughter, Caylee. 

"Casey Anthony: Where Truth Lies" has largely divided viewers who are split on whether they believe Anthony's claims that her father is involved in her daughter's death.

Anthony was found not guilty of murder in 2011 but in the court of public opinion she has been struggling to clear her name ever since.

Her critics, however, argue that Anthony has shown little remorse or grief over her daughter's passing and a new video of her partying is only adding to that opinion.  

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Casey Anthony was seen dancing at a Steel Panther concert in March. 

Following the release of the docuseries, TikTok user Sarah (sarahjeaniess) posted a video of her spotting Anthony out in public. 



The video, according to Sarah, was taken in March at a Steel Panther concert in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The docuseries dropped on Peacock in November. 

Anthony can be seen dancing and was even so brave enough to go up on stage with the other women. 

Anthony has opened up about her ‘social anxiety.’ 

Despite Anthony looking quite comfortable on stage, TikTok users were quick to call out yet another inconsistent narrative that she has begun to spew. 

“Yet in the first 10 minutes of her new interview she says she’s not comfortable going out in crowded places,” one user wrote. 

Indeed, Anthony said at the beginning of the series that she has avoided crowded places in the last decade. 

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“I’ve had really bad social anxiety for the last decade,” she says. “Going to crowded places by myself is not something I feel comfortable doing anymore. 

She goes on to explain how she likes to go on secluded hikes now and take photos of the landscape. 

Of course, social anxiety can look different person to person but Anthony’s new narrative about going out seems to contradict what people close to her are saying. 

In 2019, a source close to Anthony told PEOPLE that she was “resuming a busy social life.”

“She believes she has done her penance,” the source said. “And now she’s partying. She’s dating around, meeting new people, and finally creating a social life.”

Anthony also reportedly described her old life as a “nightmare.”

“All of it: Caylee’s disappearance, the trial, her relationship with her parents. She lives in denial a lot of the time, pretending that everything that happened, didn’t happen,” the source continued. 

Many still don’t believe Anthony is innocent. 

Despite Anthony’s best efforts to ‘set the record straight’ by blaming her father for the death of Caylee, the court of public opinion still finds Anthony guilty. 

“Don't let Casey Anthony's words fool you. She's not a victim. This documentary is aimed at people who were either too young or weren't around then to witness the trial. They think they can sway younger people into believing her side and taking up her case. Don't let them,” one Twitter user wrote. 

The only thing the docuseries seems to have done is give people the opportunity to pick away at more of the inconsistencies. 

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