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Las Vegas Police Officer Charged With Robbing Casino Using Department-Issued Gun

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Caleb Rogers

People have a lot of strong opinions about police and their role in modern society. Conversations around crime and law enforcement have only flared up even more in recent years.

No matter what you believe, everyone can agree that there are some people that really should not be allowed to be police officers.

Caleb Rogers is one of those people…

A Las Vegas police officer allegedly robbed a casino using a weapon that was given to him by the department.

Just before 7 am on February 27, 2022, a man went into the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino and robbed it at gunpoint.

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The man allegedly climbed over a counter and yelled at two employees, saying, “Get away from the money… I’ve got a gun. I will shoot you!” while brandishing a handgun that had tape over its serial number.

The robber grabbed the money and started to leave the building when an alarm was triggered. While heading toward the parking garage, the thief was stopped.

The robber was tackled by a security guard.

Despite having a gun and having made threats to shoot, the robber was tackled to the ground and restrained by a member of the casino’s security. Shortly thereafter, police arrived, where they made a startling discovery.

When the police asked the robber’s name, he responded by saying, “Rogers, P No. 15666.”

Allegedly, the robber was fellow Las Vegas police officer Caleb Rogers.

Rogers was arrested and is being charged with interference with commerce by robbery and brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence.

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The gun that Rogers reportedly used during the robbery to threaten casino staff was assigned to him by the Las Vegas police department.

The fact that a police officer robbed a casino in his department's jurisdiction with a gun provided to him by that very department is bad enough. That’s when the whole situation got even worse.

Law enforcement suspects that this wasn’t Rogers’ only robbery.

Rogers allegedly walked with a very distinct gate where he kicked his left leg out when he stepped and wore a pair of black latex gloves during the robbery.

Robberies with suspects with these matching characteristics had also taken place at two other casinos in the last few months.

Law enforcement believes that Rogers may have been responsible for all of the robberies, in which he would have stolen about $164,000.

Rogers’s preliminary hearing will be on March 24, 2022. According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, if found guilty, Rogers could face up to life in prison for brandishing a firearm during a crime of violence.

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