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Teacher Caught Slamming Student's Head Into A Wall Arrested After School Grants Him Early Retirement

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Indiana teacher pushes student

An Indiana teacher has been charged with battery causing moderate injury after CCTV footage was shared that appears to show him abusing a student.

Mike Hosinski has been the subject of widespread criticism after video footage of the alleged incident went viral.

Though the school took only marginal action against him, by granting him early retirement, a judge has not been so lenient, finding probable cause for the felony charge could carry a sentence of six months to two and 1/2 years in prison.

A viral video showed the Indiana teacher push a student into a wall.

Court documents referenced the now-viral video in which the teacher at Jimtown High School allegedly attacked a student in a hallway.

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The video begins with Hosinski following the student, who is barely as tall as the teacher’s chest. Hosinski breaks into a jog to catch up with the student and reaches him after rounding a corner.

Once Hosinski catches up to the student, he grabs the student by his backpack and roughly pushes him into the wall.

The next sequence of events comes fast, as Hosinski points his finger in the face of the student before quickly delivering an open-handed strike to the child’s face, causing his head to rock back into the wall and knocking his hoodie down.

The student told police that the incident occured after Hosinski asked him to leave class and claimed the impact caused him "throbbing" pain in his head along with a bloody nose and lip.

A police officer observed injuries consistent with these claims.

The child was visibly stunned by the attack.

In the video, the student can be seen pressing his hand to his head and stumbling forward, after only a few steps, the child collapses out of Hosinski’s grip and onto the ground.

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Multiple witnesses are visible in the hallway at this point and another adult appears to wave Hosinski off and approach the student to check on him. The video ends as Hosinski starts to walk away and turns back to look when he reaches the corner.

This isn’t the first time that Hosinski has been in trouble for his conduct. There have been complaints in the past about Hosinski’s political and religious beliefs and how they were affecting his teaching and classroom.

The school board granted Hosinski early retirement.

Board members have largely praised Hosinski and claimed that these actions do not reflect his character.

However, online, critics have bashed the school for granting Hosinski early retirement instead of firing him. This means he can still collection his pension.

The Baugo schools’ press release statement makes it clear that the school is taking this matter of student safety seriously, “The safety of students attending Baugo Community Schools is our highest priority and greatest responsibility. All Jimmies must be able to learn in a safe environment.”

Regardless of any school board’s decision, the video is clear and the actions of Hosinski against the student are cruel and indefensible.

Whether justice is meted out or not, parents can at least breathe a sigh of relief that this teacher won’t be responsible for their children any longer.

Hosinski was released, after his arrest, on a $1500 bond. A hearing on the case is scheduled for next Wednesday.

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