MoMa Stabbing Suspect Says He Was ‘Framed’ In Social Media Rant While On The Run

Gary Cabana is still on the run.

Gary Cabana, MoMa stabbing Twitter / YouTube

A man who is suspected to have stabbed two people in New York over the weekend has taken to social media to taunt police while on the run.

According to police and witnesses, on March 12, 2022, Gary Cabana entered the Museum of Modern Art with the intention of watching a film. Cabana was turned away because his membership had been revoked after previous incidents.

Cabana allegedly stabbed two MoMa staff members before fleeing.


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John Miller, the deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter-terrorism for the NYPD, described the incident, saying, “He became upset about not being allowed entrance, and then jumped over the reception desk and proceeded to attack and stab two employees of the museum multiple times.”

While the injuries turned out to be non-life-threatening and the victims are expected to survive, Cabana fled the scene and has not yet been found.


Gary Cabana posted a rant on Facebook after the MoMa stabing.

Several friends of Cabana identified a Facebook account that made a post after the incident as being Cabana’s account.

The post appears to contain difficult to understand ramblings from Cabana in which he tries to explain that he was framed.

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In the post, Cabana writes, “NOTE to catty beeyotches of the world, words are sharper than knives. Bipolar is a tough road to hoe. Dr. Jekyll to Mr. Hyde. THEN U get framed ind evicted from MoMA (not just the movies, ALL THE ART too) by a bitter old woman who shushes U when U LAUGH during a comedy.”

It has been two days and police have not found Cabana.

While the NYPD continues its search for the alleged attacker, several people who have known Cabana have spoken out about abnormalities in his recent behavior.

One theory as to why Cabana would lash out in this way is that the 60-year-old’s mental state was negatively affected by the isolation that was imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. A friend of the alleged attacker said, “COVID hit him hard as far as loneliness. Nobody was able to visit him.”

Cabana’s current location is unknown and he appears to be capable of violence. Thankfully, the victims were not more seriously hurt, but Cabana must be found as soon as possible for the safety of the community.


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