Alex Murdaugh Cheated On His Wife Maggie With At Least Two People, According To Interviews

She allegedly only knew about one of them.

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Alex Murdaugh's alleged affairs are coming to light in his ongoing trial for the murders of his wife and son.

Murdaugh is facing double homicide charges in connection with the June 7, 2021 killing of his wife Maggie Murdaugh and son Paul Murdaugh who were found shot to death at the family hunting lodge in South Carolina.

The disgraced patriarch of the well-connected legal family was the one to call 911 but claims not to have been home at the time of the murder and has pleaded not guilty to the charges in the ongoing murder trial.


As the jury watches witnesses take the stand in the high-profile trial, including testimony from Murdaugh himself, more details are coming to light about the once-highly-respected family.

Amongst the many allegations are claims from several sources that Murdaugh had affair throughout his marriage.

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Did Alex Murdaugh cheat on Maggie?

Claims from Maggie's sister and a former sex worker suggest that Murdaugh, 54, may not have been faithful to his wife and mother of his two sons, Paul and Buster.

Maggie's sister testified that Alex Murdaugh had an affair 15 years ago.

With the jury out of the courtroom on day 17 of the trial, Maggie Murdaugh’s sister, Marian Proctor, dropped a bombshell. She claimed that Murdaugh had engaged in an affair a decade and a half ago and that although the couple worked through it, the pain was still there.


Proctor claimed her sister had brought up the issue once again around the time of her murder.

“She did not think anyone was still going on, it just bothered her,” Proctor said.

Judge Clifton Newman ruled that the state could not introduce testimony about the alleged affair as it took place long ago and could confuse the jury deliberating over the 2021 murders.

According to Proctor, Maggie had allegedly made her husband leave their home temporarily when the cheating was first discovered.


Murdaugh's defense was quick to brush off the allegations of cheating as false, but a 2022 interview by a former sex worker casts doubt on the assertion that Murdaugh was a faithful husband.

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A former sex worker named Lindsey Edwards claims that she was forced to service Murdaugh four times nine years ago.

In a 2022 interview with FITSNews, Edwards alleged that she was sex trafficked for about two and a half years when she was 20 years old. She was working as an exotic dancer and found herself forced into the sex trade.

According to Edwards, during four sessions, Murdaugh choked her until she lost consciousness, gagged her, physically brutalized her, and pulled handfuls of hair from her head.


Edwards was allegedly interviewed by agents from the SLED (South Carolina State Law Enforcement Division) who were investigating Murdaugh in connection to the murders and a slew of other financial crimes.

The crimes associated with the South Carolina family were explored in Netflix's "Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal."  

The family's legacy first began to unravel due to Paul's role in a drunken boating accident in 2019 in which a teenage girl died. Alex Murdaugh's alleged coverup and his own opioid addiction further tarnished the family name.


This would all culminate in the 2021 murders. 

Other charges against Murdaugh include drug trafficking and obstruction of justice he is also accused of being part of a complex web of crimes involving fraud and a September 2021 conspiracy in which he is accused of hiring a hitman on himself so his surviving son could collect life insurance money.

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