Bride Left Bleeding After Groom Throws Entire Cake At Her Face

Not the best way to start a marriage.

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When cutting cakes at weddings, couples often act out a strange but fun tradition of rubbing a little cake in the other person’s face. But some couples may take things a little bit too far, such as one groom in a viral TikTok video who really took the cake — literally!

What started as a fun joke for the couple at their wedding turned into a cake fight. And it didn't end well.

The groom shoved their entire wedding cake at the bride's face.

TikToker Iris Martinez posted a video of a bride and groom on their wedding day. The video started with the bride and the groom cutting their wedding cake. However, it seemed the groom had other plans for the cake than just eating it. After cutting a slice out of the cake, the groom shoves it onto the bride’s face.




To reciprocate, the bride did the same by shoving a slice of cake onto his face. The innocent fight soon turned aggressive as the groom picked up an entire cake from the table and threw it at the bride’s face with such force that the bride fell to the ground. When she got up, she was completely covered in icing.


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It took the bride a few moments to realize that she was bleeding. 

After falling to the ground, the groom helped her up, however, their cake fight didn't stop there. The groom continued to shove the cake on the bride's face and their cake fight continued for a while. After both of them calmed down, the bride put a stop to it while noticing that they were making a mess and breaking things. The bride seemed a bit annoyed after noticing how much cake she had on her.

However, she became even more annoyed when she realized that the groom had used the top tier of the cake which would have been their anniversary cake.

After someone pointed it out, the bride realized that her arm was bleeding. She said, “Look what you did, honey. I’m bleeding.”


The groom then replied while looking at the camera, “I’m in trouble.”

The bride’s family members along with the groom then went on to help her clean herself up.

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People have begun criticizing the trend of grooms 'humiliating' their brides on their wedding day.

“Why any guy would feel the need to dominate and humiliate his brand new wife in front of friends and family is beyond me,” one person in wrote in the comments, a sentiment that's been shared each and every time such an instance occurs — which seems to be not only increasing in occurrence but also intensity.


While wiping a little icing on your partner while cutting the wedding cake is sweet, many grooms have unfortunately taken the tradition to another level. While not every bride ends up bleeding, there have been many instances in which they end up humiliated. 

Many people pointed out the flaws in their relationship and how the groom's actions may raise red flags.

"There are certain things that a man that loves, honors and cherishes you will never do," author and content creator Shawnda Patterson explained in a TikTok video. "Humiliating you for a cheap laugh from a couple of folks in the audience is one of those things."



Some people even suggested that this could be a bad start to their marriage with the possibility of a divorce in the future, though no correlation of cake smashing and divorce rate has been documented.


Well, let's hope this bride is more forgiving than the people in these TikTok comments.

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