2 Zodiac Signs Experience Abundance On July 9 Under The Virgo Moon

This Virgo Moon transit is one that will wake us up.

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Today, July 9, 2024, the Moon in Leo will square Uranus in Taurus, but the star of the show will be the Moon transiting to Virgo by midday. The Virgo Moon makes us all more practical about our goals and dreams, as the Moon in earth signs tends to help ground us and steer us to focus on reality. 

For anyone who has opted to wear rose-colored glasses as of late, this Virgo Moon transit will surely wake you up. It is a transit where looking ahead is possible as long as we have a clear direction with concrete goals. 

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2 zodiac signs experience abundance on July 9, 2024, under the Virgo Moon

1. Gemini

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The Moon in Virgo can bring a lot of peace and relaxation. It will be a good period to reflect and catch up with family and friends. 

With Venus and Sun in Cancer, you also benefit from some moments of success and prosperity which will continue for the next several weeks. Venus is helping your finances and the Sun helps inspire you to learn more, as long as you aren’t treating yourself too much. 

Although Saturn is squaring your sign, you benefit from this energy because it continues transforming your career house, helping you acquire the tools to keep elevating. 


Right now, Jupiter in your sign is also helping you understand where you want to go for the next year. You are feeling more optimistic and empowered with today’s lunar transit.

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2. Cancer

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With the Virgo Moon fueling your curiosity and making a harmonious aspect to your sign, you can expect to accomplish several things today — as long as you make practical short-term goals and don’t plan for the unattainable. 

The Sun and Moon in your sign bring you confidence and popularity for a few more weeks before the Sun and Venus enter Leo. Jupiter in Gemini is bringing you healing, self-love and confidence. You may be becoming more aware of your needs through this transit. 

Financial success is at your fingertips with Mercury in Leo, transforming how you view finances. Meanwhile, Mars in Taurus continues to push you on your path to victory. A period to embark on a new learning journey to expand and build on your resources.

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