Joy Returns For 3 Zodiac Signs After Mercury Aligns With Mars On June 21, 2024

We are in for good news.

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This Friday, June 21, hosts an alignment between Mercury and Mars, which could be just the thing we need to bring joy back into our lives. When Mercury aligns with Mars, we find the strength to say something important. Once it is out of our system, we free ourselves, opening the gates for joy enter. And enter it does for three zodiac signs will notice a change within — and it will feel awesome.


It's good to walk around with a clear conscience, and that's how the Mercury/Mars alignment works. It helps us to rid ourselves of the baggage, the grief, and the past. It helps us recognize what is best for ourselves, and the best part about it is that it reminds us that we are innately creatures of joy. Our capacity for joy and happiness is nearly infinite, so let's start this engine up!

Joy returns for 3 zodiac signs after Mercury aligns with Mars on June 21, 2024

1. Taurus

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Just as soon as you thought joy would never pop its beautiful head back into your life, boom — in it walks, and guess what, Taurus? You're ready for it. Yes, the good stuff is back, and not only is your mood fantastic, but during this Mercury/Mars alignment on June 21, you're going to find that the more you accept the idea that all is well in your world, all become even better in that world of yours.

This Friday has you shaking your head over your actions — how could you possibly doubt yourself? You'll ask yourself this again and again. Yet, with the Mercury/Mars transit showing you that what you thought was a hard time was merely a glitch in your personal Matrix. Nothing is so hard that it takes you down with it, Taurus, and you know this. It seems you just needed a refresher course.

Once you start feeling joyous again, you'll remember who you are. While that sounds trite, the reality is that, on occasion, we all forget who we are and sink into an imposter position that has nothing to do with us at all. Well, on June 21, your joy returns, and it not only feels good, but it feels like something that you can make last and last, and you do!

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2. Gemini

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All you needed was that one little thing to bring joy back into your life. It seems that on Friday, that 'one little thing' comes back in the form of a person and says, "Hey!" This person brings good news and hope for the future. Phew! You really didn't see this coming, but that's what the Mercury/Mars alignment is all about clearing up the misunderstandings.

It will be wonderful to finally have a weekend of pure peace and relaxation. It's amazing that during this kind of transit, you're able to not only receive great news but also relax into it and not set yourself up with new doubts. This all happens because the joy that comes back into your life is real. It's based on truth, and you realize this.


While Mercury energy is what fuels your own sign, Gemini, it's the Mars part that really makes it all work for you on Friday. You'll see that you really can let go of that one particular problem of yours, as there is no need to put any focus on it any longer. You are in the clear, and your weekend is here for you to enjoy to the fullest. Ahh, take a breath and chill.

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3. Sagittarius

You are now ready to be joyful. You aren't doubting it, and you know you are worthy of it. Yes, you, too, Sagittarius, are worthy of being truly and outrageously happy. Thanks to the Mercury/Mars alignment that takes place at this time, you'll see that June 21 is no ordinary day in the life. This day comes with surprises that open your eyes and let you see that you have no more excuses. Life awaits you, so get it together and go for it, Sagittarius.

Cancer season helps you as well, as it puts you in touch with what really brings you the most joy. And when you come to accept that you are worthy of being happy, it will snowball. In other words, as soon as you decide that this is the good life and that you really and truly want 'the good life,' then all you have to do is say 'yes' to it and accept it as it is yours for the asking.


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