3 Zodiac Signs Being Tested By The Universe On June 19, 2024

It's just another day on Planet Earth.

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Wednesday, June 19, may have some of us feeling as though our patience is being put through the wringer, as the astrology of the day shows us that Pluto is large and in charge at this time, and with it come many 'tests,' so to speak. For the three zodiac signs that will experience this influence, we will have the opportunity to confront the idea of tolerance and patience.

We may feel as though the universe is testing us, and in a way, we'd be completely right. If we 'feel' it, then on some level, it is real, right? After all, it is WE who is experiencing it, and that means that it is WE who needs to deal with it head-on. The universe may be testing us on June 19, 2024, but that doesn't mean we will fail this test...oh no. Just the opposite, in fact, especially for the three zodiac signs that are being put to the test.


We know that Pluto is the planet that brings change and transformation. When in alignment with the Moon, it's also a transit that can jolt us out of our stagnant mindset and bring us into an entirely new world of hope. We trust that the change we experience will bring joy to our lives, and we'll be correct.


When tested by the universe on June 19, 2024, three zodiac signs (Taurus, Gemini and Sagittarius) ace the exam.

1. Taurus

 Zodiac Signs Being Tested By The Universe On June 19, 2024 Cordioful from pexels, araezki, sketchify | Canva Pro

There's a certain kind of irony that accompanies your life, Taurus, and while half of the time you are bogged down by it, you might spend more time laughing it off, as you are not the kind of person to really let those 'tests' get you down. Yes, you've had to endure a rather 'hilarious' fate between partners who seem outright nutty and work situations that are, as you feel, beneath you.

What's going on during this day's Pluto-Moon transit is that you don't feel like backing down simply because the 'test' is too hard. You see what the universe is doing: it's making you think, and once you start thinking, you usually end up opening up doors to great places in your mind. Wednesday, opens up one such door and shows you that being tested is a good thing.


You may not have seen it before, but this test is for your good, and it won't be until 'after the fact' that you come to appreciate the difficulty that brings the great reward. While you'd rather have things go smoothly, you are also a rational and intelligent human being who knows that with the good comes the bad, and you can handle it all. You always make the best out of every situation, Taurus.

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2. Gemini

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Not another test. That's your first thought on Wednesday as you receive news practically the moment you wake up. It's not that the news is bad; it isn't. It's just challenging, and once again, you will have to do your best to unravel the mystery of the new test. What this essentially means is that during this Pluto-influenced transit, you'll be making some major changes.

What's difficult to grasp at first is the speed of it all. You like going at your own pace, and while you are certain that you can handle just about anything that's handed to you by the universe, you'd like a little forewarning if you can get it, which, on Wednesday, you cannot. It's OK, though, Gemini; you're used to this, and if it takes a little extra finessing, then you're the right person for the job.

What you get from this day's 'test' is that it's OK to be spontaneous and that not everything needs planning. While spontaneity is definitely a cool thing for you, you are the one who likes to be in control of it, which is oddly oppositional. Your test for the day is all about being there when someone else calls the shots and doing it without ego or complaint. Is that all? Easy peasy.

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3. Sagittarius

Gemini Zodiac Signs Being Tested By The Universe On June 19, 2024 Cordioful from pexels, araezki, sketchify | Canva Pro

You'll get to show yourself that you have not only changed in very positive ways but can handle stress better than you used to. There might have been a time when a test such as the one you'll receive on Wednesday just totaled you, but at this time, you've done the inner work, and being that you are somewhat healed, you've also made yourself stronger and more resilient.

During this Pluto-Moon transit, you'll be required to change rapidly and permanently, and while that sounds drastic...you'll be OK. What feels like a 'test' coming from the universe is just another day to you now, Sagittarius. The days of excessive anxiety and tension are over. Yes, you still experience anxiety, but not at the level you used to, so you can consider today's test of patience as something you will ace this test.


Yes, June 19 will test you, and yes, you will ace this test because you've realized that life is too short to sweat the small or the large stuff. This day brings you perspective and the ability to look over your history to see that you've grown and changed. You are now so adaptable that what was once a very hard test is now just another day on Planet Earth.

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