The Universe Has A Specific Message For 4 Zodiac Signs On June 18, 2024

During the Scorpio Moon, we will be taking a very close look at our romantic lives.

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The Scorpio Moon on June 18, 2024 is here to awaken some of us from what we might see as a deep sleep when it comes to what we accept and what we know in our hearts is something we desperately need to reject. During this lunar transition, four zodiac signs will have a reckoning of sorts, as the Scorpio Moon will see to it that we follow our instincts and listen to what the universe has to say. 

During the Scorpio Moon, we will take a very close look at our romantic lives and the relationships we keep. We know we want more from our romantic situations, and that we are not completely content with what is — and yet we don't want to force things. Still, the Scorpio Moon is a strong influence, and with change upon us, we may end up listening to a very specific message from the universe, one that is meant for us to hear...and listen to.

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The universe has a specific message for 4 zodiac signs on June 18, 2024 during the Scorpio Moon

1. Leo

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What you pick up from the universe on June 18 seems not only specific but meant for you to act on, and it relates completely to how you've been living your life in terms of your romantic relationship. You've noticed that while 'all is well' in the greater scheme of things, something is missing — and perhaps it boils down to 'heart.'

You may be feeling as if your partner isn't as dedicated to you or the relationship in general, and you'd actually like to see more commitment from them. On one hand, they aren't going anywhere, so you really have no reason to complain. And on the other, you know that that's cold comfort, and the Scorpio Moon makes this all the more obvious to you.

Basically, you want more 'love' from your partner, and you want it in more than just kind words every now and then. While you know your partner is a 'colder' person than you are, you can't help but want to take this relationship into a 'warmer' place than it already is, and that is very possible — but it relies solely on your ability to communicate this with them today.

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2. Virgo

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During the Scorpio Moon on June 18, you'll see that you don't feel it's enough to simply accept your romantic partner's behavior as 'good enough.' And while you aren't about to demand change, you may want to consider having a down-to-earth conversation with this person to see what their take on the whole idea of 'change' is.

The thing is, Virgo, you are happy in your relationship. But over time, it's turned into more of a routine than a romance. And while that, too, is a very natural thing to happen, you'd like to ignite a few more sparks. And for that kind of friction to take place, it really does take two to tango, so to speak.


You're going to find that the universe is basically telling you to get on it — don't dawdle any longer! You have the guts to speak up, and if the Scorpio Moon has you honing in on this particular aspect of your relationship, then approach your person. You have all the love in your heart to do so with kindness and clarity, so don't be afraid. The universe has made its suggestion: talk to your partner.

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3. Libra

universe's message for libra on june 18 D GraPX, Eduard Litvinov and margiartho / Canva


There may have been a point in your life where you considered shallow relationships fun — but that was then, and this is now. And what you'll find taking place during the Scorpio Moon on June 18, is that you are no longer satisfied with shallow. You want more, and you feel as though the universe is telling you to seek this out.

The relationship you're in right now is a product of your old thinking, but you are progressive and willing to change. And during a transit such as the Scorpio Moon, it's quite easy to feel good about going for such change. This is a great opportunity to start anew, Libra, and you'll find that once you begin this process, a new day will begin in terms of how you live out your life with your partner.

What you have to look forward to is a deeper, more profound way of loving. And there's no need to underestimate your partner, as they, too, are keen on this kind of upgrade. They want the change as much as you do, and there's a good chance that the universe has spoken to them, as well. Together, you can create a new kind of love and it will be worth pursuing.

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4. Scorpio

universe's message for scorpio on june 18 D GraPX, Eduard Litvinov and margiartho / Canva

During the Scorpio Moon, you will feel very sensitive to whatever nature and the universe have in store for you. And on Tuesday, June 18, you will feel very in tune with the idea that not only do you and your romantic partner need a change, you need something to feel inspired by. This is what the universe has in store for you: inspiration in love.

This feels good and also rings true to you, Scorpio — you don't want to jeopardize anything in this romance, but you have come to recognize that it's far from perfect. That's OK, as perfection is never something we ever really achieve, and that's fine, too. But communication and a plan? Now that's something we can all agree to, and that is what you and your partner will work on starting on Tuesday.


And so it goes. During the Scorpio Moon, you will take it as a sign to open your mouth and your heart and speak to your partner about the shape of things to come. Are you both 'in'? Are you both willing to change, grow and improve? Chances are you are completely on the same page and that this could be the beginning of something new and beautiful for the both of you.

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