3 Zodiac Signs Overcome The Past & Heal From Heartache On June 15

The Libra Moon is known for balance and rationality, love, beauty and a true desire to feel good about one's own life.

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Welcome to the middle of June, my zodiac sign friends. Saturday, June 15, is here, and with it come many great events. So much of what's happening takes place because the astrology tells us of the Libra influence of the Libra on our lives. Libra is known for balance and rationality, love, beauty, and a true desire to feel good about one's life. That works!

One thing we might be going through on June 15 is the idea that what we've been carrying around in terms of old, sad memories has to go. It's as if we've had enough of the stuff, and our need to heal outweighs our temptation to look back in anger. We're simply 'done' with it. It's time for three zodiac signs to up their game and live their lives in peace, free from heartache and the past.


We've got a Waxing Moon in Libra that lets us know that this healing is only just beginning and that we have much to look forward to. Something good is coming our way, and this time, we aren't standing in the way. We are open to healing and ridding ourselves of a past that no longer serves us. We are ready.

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These three zodiac signs are feeling good on June 15, 2024, and they not only overcome the past, but they also heal the pain in their hearts.

1. Taurus

You may notice that while you thought you were cool and well on your way to healing from one particular situation on June 15, something interesting will come up for you. You may find yourself backtracking a bit back into memory and perhaps even guilt. This is a place you'll want to rid yourself of pronto, and fortunately, you've got the Libra Moon to help you out of that tight spot.


You are a super progressive person: you strive for excellence in everything you do, including healing your heart. You have been through the wringer, that's for sure, but you've always kept that brave face and that stoic demeanor. You will not let the past rule you, Taurus, and this Waxing Moon only adds to your fervor and determination.

By owning your past, you admit to your wrongdoings, and you, being YOU, immediately grasp the lessons involved. June 15 has you coming to terms with the past to overcome it, which leads to healing, self-love, and the promise of a bright and beautiful future. You've got this one, Taurus.

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2. Cancer

Saturday is for healing your heart and Cancer, and not only is this good news, but it's satisfying news as this is something you've been working on for a while now. During the Libra Moon on June 15, you won't want to dawdle in the past, worrying over things that happened 'once upon a time.' You feel ready and willing to move forward now; this transit allows you to that new and fresh existence.


We all carry with us old memories that, on occasion, nag at us, but there's a degree of control that you manage to retain. With a Libra Moon working for you on June 15, you'll see that you're the one who gets to tell you just how much you can take and just how much you can release. This day comes with much release.

There's just so much heartache a person can take before realizing it's time to let it all go. For you, Cancer, this Saturday shows you that you are way more important than some memory. Your present moment counts, and this is what leads to your future moments. You honor your life, and in doing so, you say goodbye to the past and all it came with.

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3. Virgo

It may have taken forever to get to this place, but as they say, "Better late than never." Nobody knows this like you, Virgo. On June 15, you will sit down and have a good, long 'talk' with yourself. What you'll discover with the help of a Waxing Libra Moon is that you can do this. You can overcome your past and heal yourself from heartache.


There is no need for pain in your life, and perhaps, whatever lessons that pain was there to teach you, well, you've learned them already. You have lived through the redundancy of overthinking, and you feel very strongly now about change. You need it and wish to remove yourself from the state where you spent too much time. You are ready to heal, and this is for real.

Once you start the engine up on this one, Virgo, there really is no stopping you. You'll see that on Saturday. Not only do you feel good about your decision to move forward, but you'll also get instant gratification. It's as if the split second you decide to move forward, you instantly get a sign that this will work. It will, Virgo. Stick with it...you're on your way to a whole new and positive YOU.

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