Hardships Come To An End For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 14

Hey, we could all use a break, right?

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When June 14 comes in with a whisper, we know one thing: it's going to turn into a roar of hope, positivity, and enlightenment by the end of the day, as this is no ordinary day for at least three zodiac signs here. We're turning to astrology on this one because only through this field can we explain how truly fortunate we are at this time; it's as if hardships just melt away.

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All because this lovely Sun conjunct Mercury transit comes to town and bestows its 'blessings' on us. Hey, we could all use a break. Hey, Sun conjunct Mercury, and hey there, easier lifestyles, easier mindsets, easier friendships and relationships. We sure could love a day when the weight of the world isn't on our shoulders, and fortunately, the relief comes on a Friday — even better!


So, think of it this way: if you've been lugging around a problem or your mind just can't handle the amount you've been overthinking, then know that June 14, 2024, basically signals off the universal 'break time' button. We are able to release ourselves from hardship at this time, and we will do it with joy, acceptance, and love in our hearts for everyone.

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Hardships come to an end for three zodiac signs on June 14

1. Cancer

Just like that, hardships come to an end as they should. We don't always recognize the 'end' when it shows up because we get so used to the drag that we've allowed it to continue. Still, here you are on June 14, and what's noticeable is that the burdensome hardship you've been carrying around with you has suddenly become nothing. Zip. Poof. Gone. Over.


How did that happen, you might ask? Well, you've got the help of the universe, that's for sure, and this Friday brings you the transit of Sun conjunct Mercury, which basically tells the pain of the past to 'scram, buddy.' Rehashing old issues all seem so irrelevant now. You feel as though something has shifted in you, and you're no longer there for the pain.

As the old song tells us, you haven't got time for the pain. What you've done here, Cancer, is that you've put your life into perspective. You now know that the only moment that really counts is the now moment and that you can only give just so much to the past and all of its burdens and woes. You paid that price already, and with Sun conjunct Mercury beaming down on you, all you can see is the promise of a new day.

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2. Libra

Seeking balance and finding it is what makes your life livable, and what you'll find happening on June 14 is that everything that once meant so much to you now seems as though it's overkill. OK, this infers that you have tried to take solace in the past, but the past has offered you only headaches. During Sun conjunct Mercury on Friday, you're going to see that if balance is really what you want, then you must look to the future, where your dreams can thrive.


You've been stuck in the past, and you found a way to stay stuck merely because it became comfortable for you, even though you felt very strongly that it was taking too much out of you. This Friday, however, shows you that there is a place for you, Libra, and it takes place 'away' from the hardships that you've gotten so used to carrying around.

You can live a beautiful life without feeling like you need to pay some kind of debt for the hardships that once were a revelation for you. You've wanted this for a long time, and yet, you might not have even known you wanted it. What this transit, Sun conjunct Mercury, does for you is that it releases you from the binds that tied you to a past experience, making it much easier for you to live in the present with dreams of a bright future.

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3. Capricorn

Because you are on the ball and in tune with what's going on in your life, you'll experience something on June 14 that was somewhat expected, and that is, of course, the release of the hardships that have plagued your life for far too long. All it takes is knowing what you need to do to live in the moment and harness the power of the universe, and during Sun conjunct Mercury, you've got that one down.


You are the power, Capricorn, and you will singlehandedly whip your life back into great shape. Because you want it, you need it, AND because it's possible. Words like 'impossible' are no longer a part of your vocabulary, and that's so very prevalent during transits like Sun conjunct Mercury, which basically work only with positive energy and optimism.

There's no going back. Who would want to? Not you, Capricorn, that's for sure. You have started to know a good thing when you see one, and the end of hardship is something you've come to know you CAN control. And, if you can control it and the outcome is happiness and peace of mind, then it's only right for you to grab that moment and make it yours.

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