3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Sadness & Heal From Heartache On June 11

We are now ready to heal, and to let go.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Sadness & Heal From Heartache On June 11 Xurzon from Getty Images Pro, Maridav | Canva Pro

Tuesday, June 11, three zodiac signs see a new light by which we can get past heartache. We've got this immense universal energy taking over, and it's coming to us as a Sun-Moon alignment with the planet Venus. This Venus transit is so supercharged with positive energy that we may never want to return to that dark place in our mind; we are now ready to heal and let go.

June 11 provides three zodiac signs with the idea that we can heal on our own, without books, guidance, or waiting for an external source to help us. Our heartache is our baggage to lug around, and with all of that solar Venus energy hitting us hard, we will more than likely end up tossing that baggage over the side. We really don't need it anymore. It serves us no good, and we finally get it.


Tuesday may be quite ordinary for most, but for these three zodiac signs, we're going to see a change happen inside ourselves that lets us know that the timing is right. We are no longer content to stay in one place, wallowing in our heartache and pain. We are progressive and active, and we love life and all it has to offer, which means we are about to activate great, positive change in our lives.

3 zodiac signs who overcome sadness and heal from heartache on June 11
1. Leo

What heals your heart and lets you finally find peace within yourself on June 11 is the fact that you are no longer available to the chaos that seems to have ruled your life for so long. You've come to understand that this was a choice, although you weren't truly conscious of making that choice, and while at one point, you unconsciously opted to hold on to your heartache, it will be during this beautiful Venus-Sun-Moon transit that you find it within yourself to let it all go.


You want love to enter your heart, and you know that you are the gatekeeper here, which gives you a feeling of power. If you are the one who can let love in, then that's exactly what you'll be doing, with the help of such loving astrological aspects in the form of a Venus-Sun-Moon transit. Love reigns supreme at this time, and you want to heal, let go, and move forward to have a wonderful life.

You owe this to yourself, and you will give this gift of self-love and freedom from the heartache you've kept around for far longer than necessary. We all go through hard times, and your heartache was definitely up there with the harder times, but even if you feel the need to release yourself from this burden, and with the help of this day's Venus-Sun-Moon transit, you will do so, Leo.

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2. Virgo

The irony of this day does not escape you, Virgo, as you are someone who, once upon a time, went out of your way to sulk in your grief and despair, and now that the sky offers you the Venus-Sun-Moon transit, you are suddenly quite aware of what you've done to yourself and what you put yourself through, unnecessarily. You are on the verge of a major transformation and cannot wait to start this engine up.


There's just something about this day that has you easily looking at your own efforts to stay down, and now you can't see any reason why you should continue with this kind of negative thinking. It's absolutely amazing, Virgo, and you see that there's no reason to stand in your own way any longer. You have 'seen the light,' and there's no going back.

The heartache you've nurtured for far too long now makes no sense to you. You've done your time in that prison, and you feel pretty much vindicated; there's nowhere else to go but up, and during the Venus-Sun-Moon transit on Tuesday, June 11, you'll feel very confident about the future. Carpe Diem is your new motto. Wow, does it ever look good on you, Virgo?

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3. Pisces

June 11 marks the first day you can finally stand back and take a good, long look at your life. What you'll see is that you've wasted a whole lot of time thinking about that one person who hurt you when, in fact, that person moved on a long time ago. Who knows what they are even thinking now? The Venus-Sun-Moon transit has you considering the idea of 'who cares what they think?'


Yes, that's right, Pisces. It's time for you to set free that heartache and pain and sail your own ship from now on. You are so strong, creative and sensitive, and you don't want to waste any more time thinking about the things you cannot control. What you can't help but feel at this time is your love for the present, the people in your life right NOW, the person in the mirror...all of it. Now's the time to pay attention to the beautiful and exciting 'present.'

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