Loneliness Ends For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 9

We will see confirmation of our place on earth.

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The sky is packed with influential transits on Sunday. Many of us will feel good about how June 9 works out for us in terms of our love life and our mental health. What we might see happening now could only be called 'confirmation' of our place on this earth, meaning we finally feel 'seen.' We finally feel as though the unique person we are has proper representation in the world.

This means that, for all of us who have never seen our 'body type' shown in ads or our romantic preference displayed as 'normal,' we will see something on Sunday that lets us know that we are not alone in our struggle. There are other people out there who are just like us, and we all need representation in the world. Take this one step further. The three zodiac signs examine how this adds to our love life and helps us improve our mental health.


We live lives feeling so isolated at times, and because Mars in Taurus occurs at the same time that the Moon is in Leo, we get to feel less alone because we see ourselves in those around us. We see our body types on billboards. We see our romantic desires played out on regular TV, and our loved ones support what we love and want and who we are. We are not alone; between Mars and Leo, we can take heart in the idea that we're not going back to loneliness.


Loneliness ends for three zodiac signs on June 9

1. Taurus

You are totally into the idea that you've grown and expanded your horizons regarding self-love and self-improvement, and you want to know that you are 'seen' for your efforts. While you aren't doing this for anyone but yourself, you would still like to see that you're not living in a bubble and that your romantic partner has at least noticed how well-put-together you are and how much you've personally improved.

Good thing, as Mars and Leo really come to your rescue on June 9 in the form of your partner acknowledging your efforts and supporting them. This person is proud of you for taking on the challenges and wants you to see that you're not alone. Many others have gone through what you've gone through, and you are truly loved.

What you are is a trailblazer of sorts, in so much as you feel so proud of yourself for being the one to take on the complex jobs and the scary undertakings. You want to know that you are represented 'out there' worldwide. And, being the Taurus that you are, you'll see that if you have to be the one to elect yourself as the spokesperson for 'your mind,' then so be it. You have the support of your partner, who is right by your side.

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2. Leo

While you are known as a very kind and gentle person, there's also that other side to you: the fighter, the person who will not back down, and the person who still revolts against what they believe to be unjust. You are this person, Leo, and you've seen enough injustice in your time to want to stand up for others, as you will not let these people down. You have a romantic relationship that is based on support and love, and this is the fire that fuels your drive.

What you're fighting for on June 9 is proper representation. You want to know that there are people like you out there and that you are all being seen in the right light instead of the nonsensical light in which you've always been portrayed. The days of bigotry and racism are over for you. You want representation, and if that means you have to be the spokesperson, then step right up and grab the mic.

You don't live in a bubble because you have the undying support of someone who loves you, and they make that very clear to you during this Mars/Leo transit. The strength of the two becomes one in your life, and this is how you supercharge your mission. You will show the world that you exist, that people like you are good, and that we all deserve to be seen for who we are, as we are. It takes all types to make a world, and you want that idea represented and normalized.

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3. Virgo

It's Sunday, and while the rest of the world may be kicking back and enjoying the day off, you're there, ready to go, ready to fight for the oppressed and the under-represented. You want the spotlight, and your romantic partner is the person to help you get what you need because not only do they believe in your cause, they are part of your cause. The two of you, together, make up a demographic that desperately needs positive representation in the world.

You look around and see how there isn't enough of 'you' out there, and what's meant by that is that you are a unique and gifted individual, but by no means does that warrant being ignored. Both you and your romantic partner feel as though you've been pushed aside by society, and quite frankly, as a Virgo, you're not going to sit by and just let yourself be swept under the rug.

During this heavy Leo-Mars push, both you and your partner will let it be known that you are here to stay and that your voices when put together, become one voice. That voice is real and needs to be heard. You are going to spend this Sunday doing what's right, and your example will not only improve your life, but it will enhance the lives of others. You are doing the right thing by your people.


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