3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve On June 7

And...time goes by.

3 Zodiac Signs Whose Relationships Improve On June 7 Ikostudio, oselote | Canva Pro

June 7 shows us that what we want, though taking a very long time to get to us, CAN actually happen. The hinge on which it all takes place is in the letting go of the outcome. For instance, we want an apology from a parent, an old friend, or even a past love. We wait and wait, believing that this person 'owes' us this apology. We put ourselves in jail waiting for this person to take responsibility for what we believe they've done. And, time goes by.


We've got a Cancer Moon alignment with Mars taking on Friday. The results will be surprising, especially for the three zodiac signs who have made it their business to wait, and wait, and wait for the release of an apology. What this transit is going to bring us is the idea that we no longer care. What's an apology going to do after all this time? That's when that other person reaches out and owns their actions in the form of an apology.


Funny how the universe works. It's as if it was waiting for us to find our completion first before it brought in a second party because the truth is, we don't 'need' anything. What was done was done. While it may have hurt or even changed our lives irrevocably, the only thing that makes sense is to live happily without depending on someone else to create that condition for us. This is a big lesson learned by three zodiac signs on Friday.

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3 zodiac signs whose relationships improve on June 7

1. Gemini

So, it seems as though Friday, June 7, has something interesting in store for you, Gemini, and it comes in the form of that person reaching out to you to explain their past behavior. Well, on the one hand, you're quite interested and curious about what they have to say. On the other hand, you feel that so much time has gone by since that 'thing' happened that you are no longer hungry for their apology.

This Mars/Cancer Moon is what's behind it all, and it has you feeling uncertain about what's to come. You may be inspired to do the same when you finally figure out that this person from your past is about to take responsibility for their actions and apologize for their wrongdoings. The interesting part is that you aren't attached to your own words or theirs.


It seems that time has done its work in terms of healing. You are free to move on now, and there is no obligation to hold you together. In a way, this feels weird to you. You've kept this person in mind for so long, and the same goes for them. It's a bizarre feeling to know that neither of you is wanting for an apology to happen. Freedom is strange, but it's definitely something you'll get used to, Gemini.

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2. Scorpio

By the time the Mars/Cancer Moon rolls around, you'll sense a change in the atmosphere. Something is 'up,' and you can't quite put your finger on it, but your inner senses tell you that you are on the verge of some kind of closure. You are one to listen to your heart, and it says to you on Friday, June 7, that you're about to receive that closure in the form of a long-awaited apology.

You'd be right. First of all, you've been attached to this need for a while now, and you may not know just how firmly based this need has been. The irony of the matter is that when you do receive this apology, it will not matter as much as you thought it would. It's as if this apology is anti-climactic and unnecessary, and the good part is that this means you've already healed on your own.


While all of it is nice and tidy, you will know from this moment on that you are not in need of anything to set yourself free. You aren't waiting for someone to come around to confess their guilt, and you have no desire to wait upon another person for anything. If there's healing to be had, then you will create this for yourself, Scorpio. This gives you a rush of self-confidence. You got your apology, and you no longer feel there's a need to dwell on it. You are now free.

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3. Sagittarius

June 7 has you listening to someone as they explain themselves to you for no reason whatsoever. You once thought you needed this explanation, but between the time someone created this need and now, you've done all the personal work necessary to heal yourself. Now, you are merely indulging the other person as they apparently need to relieve themselves in your presence. It's OK. You are fine with this, and during the Mars/Cancer Moon, all is well in your world.

Perhaps your personal strength reads as stoic. The person whom you once needed an apology from now sees you as strong enough in your convictions that they can finally just get it out of their system and move on. That's fine, too, as you no longer care. You have moved on, and while it's nice to receive this apology, you let the burden of this person and their madness go a long, long time ago.


June 7 brings you the apology you wanted, and because you react well and positively to Mars' energy, you feel grateful but uninterested. You are happy they got to feel better about themselves, but your life is so far advanced that you are basically just doing them a favor by hearing them out. You've got a big, beautiful life, and you mean to live it out; all the rest is just fluff. They apologized to you, and now let's make peace with the present.

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