Bad Friendships End For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 7

We feel strong enough to actually confront the problem head on.

 Bad Friendships End For 3 Zodiac Signs On June 7 Dzhulbee via Getty Images/Martin-DM via Getty Images Signature | Canva Pro

June 7, 2024, brings us a Mars alignment with the Moon, and this could very easily be the tipping point for some. It's time to take out the trash, as they say. While we don't really want to see it in that much of a negative way, we also know that as we purify ourselves and make ourselves better people, we come to realize that there are those in our lives who simply aren't doing the same.

During this Mars transit, we feel strong enough to confront the problem head-on, as we haven't always been as mentally and emotionally ready as we are on Friday, June 7. Three zodiac signs have worked so hard to become the best they can be that there's no sense in holding on to people who ruin their bliss. 'Bliss' is truly a state one wouldn't want to ruin.


When we let go of negative friends, we identify something in their actions as toxic. They may be perfectly lovely, but we are smarter than that. We know that this loveliness is insincere. We may have endured this friendship forever, not knowing we had a choice, but we do have a choice. On Friday, June 7, we will decide to go with our gut and remove a negative friend from our lives.


Bad friendships end for three zodiac signs on June 7

1. Taurus

There really is just so much you can take, and while you take full responsibility for the negative situations you've put yourself through, you are really quite tired of not listening to your own good advice. What you'll find happening on Friday is that when enough really is 'enough,' when it comes to hanging out with the 'wrong' people, then it's ... enough. You will make that call at this time.

It's pretty easy to do when you're backed with a Mars transit that has you wanting more out of your life than a friend who cannot stop with their negativity and sorry attitude. You aren't here to run the show. In fact, you want nothing to do with manipulating people to 'do things your way,' but you DO have control of yourself. If that one person grates on your nerves 'just so,' then ... boom, that's the end of that.

What's great about this transit is that it lets the other person know you will no longer tolerate them. This is no joke, Taurus; you mean business here. By standing by your own words, you get to know that you are a person of integrity. You are not going to stand by while someone usurps your positive vibe. On Friday, you'll be proud of yourself for finally admitting that this person has 'got to go.'

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2. Gemini

Well, it seems you've waited just about as long as you possibly can for this person in your life to go too far. On Friday, they are going to push you to your limit. You've got Mars on your side and feel very good about yourself. You've got the confidence to confront that person head-on, and you will be doing so now. They are a nuisance in your life, and you will not have any more of them.

You don't like confrontation, so you can seem a little 'too' cold when you do have to confront. It's your way of defending yourself in advance. With this Mars transit backing you, you aren't as concerned with your appearance but much more about your point. You are letting this one person know that you're fed up with their negative attitude and that you have no place in your world for them any longer.

The surprising upside to all of this is that this person 'hears' you. Whoa, you didn't expect that kind of turnaround. Yet, you not only made yourself very clear, they took the hint, and on Friday, what you thought was going to happen — ridding yourself of this person's negative attitude — is actually going to end up helping them and changing them for the better. Nice unintentional job, Gemini!

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3. Libra

It's June 7, and you have had enough. You've noticed that you've somehow become the outlet for someone else's frustration, and you don't like it one little bit. You don't know how you ended up being in this position, but you will certainly raise your voice so that it can stop. If this is a lover or a friend of yours, you will utilize the Mars energy of the day and stop it pronto. They may be nervous or frustrated, but that doesn't give them the right to infringe upon you and your life.

You've given this person many chances, and it seems that kindness doesn't really work. So, you will resort to more forceful ways of expressing yourself on Friday. While you're always happy to be helpful, and you love to oblige people, you are also not a doormat. When you feel that you're being violated and disrespected, you act accordingly. No more Mister Nice Guy.

Being a Libra, you are always in search of balance. What you'll find taking place on June 7 is that, upon responding in kind to the person who has offended you, you will instantly find that balance. Order returns when you know that it's OK to demand it. You are perfectly ready to maintain the relationship as long as the boundaries are now set and understood as 'real.' You won't be fooled again, Libra.


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