3 Zodiac Signs Who Fall In Love With Their Friend On June 2

And who better to fall in love with, as this is someone we've already come to trust?

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When we open our hearts to love, we never know who might walk in and 'carpe diem.' On June 2, we may just find that the most appealing person we know also happens to be one of our friends. This may be a person of the same gender or not. We know that they make us feel good about ourselves and that we feel no threat when we're around them. In fact, with the transit of Jupiter trine Pluto in support of our feelings, we may even end up falling in love with a friend.


Who better to fall in love with, as this is someone we've already come to trust? It certainly wouldn't be the first time a person fell in love with their friend, and it won't be the last. During Jupiter trine Pluto, it's easy to see the possibilities here. We aren't judging ourselves for feeling the way we feel. In fact, we are quite accepting of what we believe our truth is, and at this time, love is love, and that is all.


This may open the doors to a brand new experience in love for three zodiac signs, as they trust themselves enough to believe that this love is the real thing. It's worth pursuing, and we feel safe enough around our friends to know that if we need to 'talk about this' with them first, then so be it. Nothing ends here, and if it cannot be, then the friendship continues on as is. Nothing is lost, and much is gained.

3 zodiac signs who fall in love with a friend on June 2

1. Cancer

You've been spending a lot of time with one particular friend, and the way you two get along, well, it's like nothing else. It's the kind of feeling that makes you want to only be with them and shut the world out. You have more fun with this one person than you ever have with anyone else, and they just happen to be a good friend of yours. Yet, there's something romantic about this friendship.

On June 2, you may end up questioning yourself as to what the nature of love is as you consider that. During the transit of Jupiter trine Pluto, you might be open to seeing this person as a romantic partner. They make you very happy, and you make them just as happy. You may find that you share a little 'soft' flirtation now and then. This has you feeling curious and interested.

You look around the world. All you see is war, hate, division, and hopelessness. Here, right in front of your face, is someone who represents to you all that is good and right with the world. You have fallen in love with your friend, and because of Jupiter's ability to get you to see how good this really is, you go for it. No regrets. This is your life, Cancer...live it. Live it and be happy.


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2. Virgo

Right now, you need love. You've been feeling a little lonely and a little isolated. While you aren't really up for falling in love, that's usually when people do fall in love when they're not prepared for it. In your case, you're not as isolated and alone as you'd like to think because you don't always consider your friend to be 'that important' in your life. Yet, on June 2, they are more than important. In fact, they play a vital role in your next phase in love.

It seems that there's no good reason to stop this train from rolling on. This train means that you and your friend have something in common: you're in love with each other, and you don't want to admit it. And, honestly, during Jupiter trine Pluto, you might not have to admit it. This can keep on going 'as is' forever because the reality is it's already been going on forever.

There's just something about this transit that has you being a little more honest with yourself about your feelings. You don't need to tell them what you're feeling, and you are kind of hoping they don't say anything, either. Let's just let it be and see what happens. One thing you can know is that this is all very positive, and what will be will be, Virgo. Time to trust nature and go where your heart takes you.


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3. Capricorn

You have fallen in love with your friend, and your friend happens to be in a relationship with someone else. Guess what? That's just fine because even though you are in love with them, you don't feel the need to consummate this relationship; this is the true meaning of 'romantic.' It's not physical; it's emotional. Right now, on Sunday, June 2, during Jupiter trine Pluto, you are. Fine and dandy with that arrangement.

Jupiter suggests that you can do whatever you want with your feelings as they are yours to own, and Pluto's energy lets you know that you can direct that loving energy any way you choose. Yes, you are doing something different, and honestly, you like the idea of breaking the mold. You are just fine 'as is' with the situation. In fact, you know your friend feels the same.

This is where the true bond starts to form. There is no threat here, and nobody's getting hurt. You aren't going to lead them away from their partner. They aren't going to be involved in that way anyway, so all is good. This lets you feel enlivened, happy, and grateful that life should give you such a wonderful friend to have such a wonderful experience with.


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