7 Signs Your Friendship Is Turning Into A Full-Fledged Romance

When Friendship Turns To Romance

Now, that doesn't mean just go out and start trying to date every friend you have that's a guy — that's just a quick way to end a couple of friendships REAL quick and for no good reason.

You have to make sure there's actually something more there before you breach that barrier of friend vs. well, MORE than friends.

It's no secret that a good majority of people don't believe that a man and a woman can just be friends. Maybe it's because of the vast amount of romantic comedies that begin with a pretty girl dating a loser of a guy and ultimately ending up with the one who's been right there with her all along.

Or maybe it's because that kind of thing happens in real life ALL the time.

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I mean, think about it. We base our friendships off of compatibility, mutual interests, and overall good vibes and feelings toward another person. So why would it be so crazy for two friends to fall in love?

Here's the crazy thing — they might not even realize when friendship turns to romance. There's a reason in classic rom-coms it takes the entire movie for the protagonist to come to terms with the fact that they're actually in love with their best friend.

They're blinded by the light of their friendship, and sometimes it takes kissing a few frogs to dim the light in their eyes and finally come to the realization that the guy (or girl) they REALLY want has been there, by their side, from the very beginning.

But we all know movies make it seem much simpler than it actually is. In reality, it's a little more complicated that. Don't fret, though! There are certain tells that your friendship may in fact be turning into something you'd watch on the big screen. Here are 7 subtle signs your friendship is becoming something MORE:

1. Seeing him is becoming the best part of your day.

You should definitely start to take notice when the biggest thing you're looking forward to for the day is seeing him.

Sure, we all love our friends on some level (even if it's not romantic), but if seeing them gives you goosebumps or gets you a little too excited, then it's a pretty good sign your beginning to feel a little bit more than platonic feelings for this guy.

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2. You begin blowing off plans with your beau to hang out with him.

You may think you're just being a good friend and doing what anyone who cares about their friendship would do, but when blowing off your boyfriend becomes a recurring thing, it turns into something more than that.

It's one thing if you cancel plans once or twice because he really needs you — on a strictl friend-to-friend basis — but when it becomes a habit, you better watch out.

3. You talk to him more than anyone else in your life.

Of course it's okay to talk to your BFF, that's pretty normal. But when sending text messages here or there turns into gluing yourself to your phone to be in constant communication with him, it goes beyond the friendship norm.

When you start to compare how much you talk to him vs. how much you talk to other friends, it'll act as a pretty good tell that you're inching your way out of the friend zone.

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4. You treat his family like your own.

Okay, this one has kind of a fine line. We all get pretty close to the family of our friends — some of us even consider them second families. But when you treat his mom like she's your own and his parents make jokes about how you too should just get together already, that's a pretty good sign you're in deep.

5. You constantly look to him for guidance and advice about anything and everything.

Well, it's perfectly acceptable to lean on your friends and use their experience and expertise to help you solve your problems, there is a point where it goes a little overboard.

If you're constantly complaining to him about your boyfriend or relationships problems, or worse, making small issues big just to have something to vent about to him, you are really flirting with the line between friendship and relationship.

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6. He's super supportive and makes it clear that he's there for you no matter what.

If you need him, he'll be there in a heartbeat. Whether you've got a serious problem on your hands or you're just having a bad day, he's ready to be that shoulder for you to cry on.

He'd even go as far as to cancel a date or plans with his girlfriend to make sure you're alright.

7. You start getting jealous when he talks to other girls or vice versa.

It's like flipping a switch, one day you're giving him girl advice and everything is fine, and the next day you're ready to start a cat fight because you see him flirting with another girl.

And it goes both ways — that guy you went on a date with last weekend? Your BFF stayed up all night plotting ways to kill him. It may sound crazy, but that green-eyed monster likes to make itself known.

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