3 Zodiac Signs That Have The Best Luck In Love On May 31, 2024

We choose who we wish to give our love to.

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Often when we fall in love, we get into the idea that we need approval for the love we want for ourselves. But love is love, right? Are we here to spend our lives in love with the person we are attracted to or with someone deemed "right" for us by someone who isn't us? Seeking approval from others ends many true love stories. Luckily, on May 31 during a Uranus/Moon alignment, three zodiac signs defy the odds and do what their hearts tell them to do.


3 zodiac signs that have the best luck in love on May 31, 2024

1. Taurus

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You already know that there are people in your life who do not and will not approve of your choice in partners, which is one of the reasons you've held back from sharing your joy. While you'd love for your relationship to come with a stamp of approval on it, you already know that your partner just doesn't the tastes of those 'other people' in your life, so you already know what to expect.


What they don't know, however, is that you are madly in love, smitten as it gets. This love of yours for the person who would be considered 'too different' to be loved by you is the one who makes YOU happy. Once that's set in stone, you really don't care what others make of it, and during this Uranus/Moon transit on May 31, you'll go where your heart takes you.

You aren't here to play by the rules, especially if those rules mean that you can't love a person simply because they don't fit into the box everyone wants them to fit into. Sometimes, you wish people would just mind their own business. Although, even if they intervene and try to voice their opinions, you'll smile, nod, and secretly tell them to 'get lost' in your mind. All is well in your happy world, Taurus.

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2. Sagittarius

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You already knew from the minute you started loving this unique and different individual that you'd get flack for it from your family. But since when have you ever really cared for the opinion of others? You've always been the one who dares to go there, and the person you are madly in love with right now is most certainly not going to get thrown under the bus so that you can make others feel more comfortable with your choices. No way!

On May 31, during the Uranus/Moon transit, you will not only follow your heart but you'll also trust it, knowing that this is your life and not some kind of sideshow that seeks approval. You're not waiting for the Emperor's thumb up or down. You'll do as you please, and being that you've always chosen the road less traveled, it should be no surprise to anyone that the person you've chosen as your life mate doesn't live up to anyone's expectations.

If this makes you an outcast, then so be it. If it causes speculation, then let them eat cake. If your choice of partner makes another person question your ability to choose, then that's their own problem. You know what's right for you and you've never once in your entire life tried to crush yourself into someone else's premade mold. You are your own person, and who you love is truly a product of that kind of original thinking.

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3. Aquarius

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Not only are you in love with someone that absolutely no one approves of, but you're ready to leave the country for them if that's the case. You really are quite tired of everyone pretending they know what's best for you. While you've made it known to all that they can't possibly understand why you love the very different person that you do love very intensely, they should at least have the respect of backing off so that you can enjoy YOUR life.

During the Uranus/Moon transit on May 31, you'll come right out with it and tell unsupportive family members and friends that you didn't ask for their opinion or advice. This is your life to live, and they need to concentrate on their lives. Yes, you love someone who is thoroughly unique, and this kind of difference might upset those who expect something more 'normal' from you. Too bad, eh?


You don't do normal — you never have. And while you would love it if your crowd would simply accept your choices as they are rather than show their disapproval, you're ready to walk away from all of them for the sake of love. Let them sit and wait for the moment when you and your very different person have your first lover's quarrel — perhaps they can usurp some schadenfreude joy from it. You are happy with your choices, and that is all that matters.

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