3 Zodiac Signs Open Their Hearts To Love On May 26 During Moon Trine Mercury

During the Moon's trine to Mercury, we may see that we have deprived ourselves of love.

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Once we decide that we are ready to receive love, we basically open up the floodgates. And on May 26, three zodiac signs realize that they've held love at bay for a long time. Believe it or not, it's not always easy to let love in, and many of us shut ourselves off from the idea of actually receiving that love. Sometimes, we feel we don't deserve it, and this feeling could be deeply rooted in something that's happened to us in the past. 


We may not be fully in touch with this idea either, as it could be subconscious. However, on May 26, there is a transit that stimulates our emotional centers. During the Moon's trine to Mercury, we may see that we have deprived ourselves of love and that, yes, we really do want to be loved.

3 zodiac signs open their hearts to love on May 26 during Moon trine Mercury

1. Taurus

taurus moon trine mercury may 26 horoscope


There are times in your life when you feel you've needed to harden your heart simply because you don't want to feel vulnerable in the face of love. You've been loved before, and you've also seen past relationships fall apart in such a way that you aren't sure you can take it any longer. You adore the idea of loving someone and being loved, but the pain of love lost is almost too much to deal with.

What's interesting is that on May 26, during Moon trine Mercury, you will find that it's OK to go back once again and that you aren't as 'on guard' as you've been over the last few months. Maybe something is changing inside you and you don't feel the need to protect yourself as heavily as you have been. You feel like you literally need love to thrive on. This Sunday, you decide to, once again, let love in.

Because it is Moon trine Mercury that helps you make this decision, you can count on positive results, as well. This is the time to make up for what you held off, and now that the love is flowing your way again, you can't help but drink it in. You are aware that you are once again vulnerable to love, but it feels so good that you can't get enough of the stuff. This is a very natural way for you to feel, Taurus.

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2. Capricorn

capricorn moon trine mercury may 26 horoscope

You aren't one to give yourself over to love simply because you don't want to get caught up in the drama that you believe usually ensues if you get too involved with another human being. But so much of this is an act you put on to convince yourself that you don't need love. Of course, you know deep in your heart that you're a total mush ball when it comes to love and if you had it in your life, you would be more than happy to be fully present for it all the time.

So, what about your romantic partner, then, Capricorn? The love you've been denying yourself is there, in the form of a real person. While you have done all you can to show them you love them, you don't really open your heart to receive what they have to share with you. During Moon trine Mercury, this will become very obvious to you. You may end up asking yourself why you hold back so much, and it is necessary.


The interesting part about Moon trine Mercury is that it can bring out a part of us that helps us get past our inhibitions. In your case, Capricorn, you've slighted yourself on the love intake. You need love to keep yourself well-balanced. You can't be the only one doing the loving, especially considering your partner is dying to love you. Let them do their job.

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3. Aquarius

aquarius moon trine mercury transit horoscope may 26


Only you know just how much you've closed your heart off to love because the truth of you, Aquarius, is that you cannot take being hurt. You were hurt once, a long time ago, and it just about ruined you. While you remember that you put your entire being into loving that one person, when things didn't work out, you didn't take it well and you ended up shutting yourself off from love.

On Sunday, May 26, you have to do something to change all that, as there is someone in your life who is starting to grow frustrated with you, and you do NOT want to lose this person. While you've made it clear to them that you love them to pieces, it's also quite obvious that you aren't letting them into your heart, and that's where this person wants to live; they want you to trust them. That's how the Moon trine Mercury transit opens you up and shakes you into waking up to the fact that you need to be loved, that you relish, cherish and desire it. 

All it takes is one good experience to melt your ice-cold walls of resistance and Aquarius, the reality here is that this is what you desperately want. So go for it. You've got this one life to live...you really should be living it with love.


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