3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Challenging Horoscopes On May 26 During Mercury Square Mars

Mercury square Mars disrupts communication and our understanding of it.

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Here's an astrological equation that can boggle the mind: Moon trine Mercury square Mars. It's the transit of Sunday, May 26, and it disrupts communication and our understanding of it. We are susceptible to external influences today. There's a warning that tells us not to believe everything we see just because it's on the internet.

Oh yes, the internet. Even this topic makes it into the cosmic language. Three zodiac signs see that we might be better off spending Sunday with family and in nature rather than glued ourselves to the black mirror (aka our phone screens). During Moon trine Mercury square Mars, we need to back away from the internet so we can remember that our phones are not extensions of our bodies. On Sunday, we're going to have to choose: mindless scrolling or mind-freeing nature and family time.


3 zodiac signs overcome challenging horoscopes on May 26 during Mercury square Mars

1. Gemini

You've come to know that if you stay online for too long, not only do your eyes water and body cramp up, but your opinions on things are changing something you just saw on the internet is swaying you. You like to think of yourself as someone who is not easily influenced. Yet with Moon trine Mercury square Mars doing the pushing on May 26, 2024, you may find that you find the internet's antics irresistible.


Suddenly, you're comparing your life to the lives of others. You're finding yourself to be less than acceptable. You've seen photos of people who look so much more beautiful than you believe yourself to be, and they are not just ravishing to look at. They are successful in everything they do. If you stay on social media for another minute, you'll end up with the lowest self-esteem ever in recorded history.

The bright side: You've had it. You can see, with the power of Mercury behind you, that this is the biggest load of manure in town. Before you bought into the idea that you had to look just like an AI-contoured human, you once loved yourself 'as is.' You'll snap out of this fantasy on May 26, and you'll be glad you did, Gemini.

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2. Scorpio

Whatever the trend of the minute is, it's got you believing in it like its religion. This means you've unconsciously sold your soul to the internet, Scorpio. It's time to snap out of that trance as you have started to see that you are taking these internet visions way too seriously. What, at first, had you feeling as though you were the original one in the crowd? Now, you are looking at yourself as if you were a dime a dozen because you bought into the idea that trends are good.


Trends are what make the internet go 'round. Every day, it's something new, and if you don't keep up, you'll be on the outs. During the combined transit of Moon trine Mercury square Mars, you'll want to think twice about the news and the communications you're allowing into your psyche. Just because you 'saw it on the internet' doesn't make it real, true, or good. It just 'is.'

The bright side: Taking a break from social media is a good thing. It's also Sunday, which means that it's 'legal' to stay away from the computer. You don't owe anyone your unswerving dedication to their page or their Facebook posts. Stay away and find yourself very happy that you did. Live your own life and rediscover what it's like to be a Scorpio.

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3. Aquarius

The internet has brought you great insights and fabulous opportunities. You've learned that you can express anything you want on the internet and that there's always a hungry mob of anonymous people there to applaud you or to enrage, depending on your mood. Then, there's the downside, which there seems to be much more of these days, as you will discover this Sunday.


May 26 brings you the complex yet brilliant transit of Moon trine Mercury square Mars. This event wakes you up and lets you know that all of this attention is worthless, especially if all you get out of it is the need to return again and again to battle the same old fights and hone your abilities to insult and be clever. You are getting nothing out of this. It hits you that you aren't chained to your computer, so get out there and enjoy the day, Aquarius.

The bright side: May 26 shows you that there's more to life than checking in on what strangers think of you, of life, of the world and everything else that seems so dire and important for that millisecond of time. You get it, and you will do something about it. It's a nice day and you're going to get yourself out there to enjoy it all because even if it's pouring, it's better than the redundancy of watching a bunch of pixels in action.

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