3 Zodiac Signs Embrace Second Chances When Jupiter Enters Gemini On May 25

We'd like a second chance — another go at making things work out.

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In the same way that Jupiter in Gemini can have us all up in arms clinging tightly to an opinion that we feel the need to fight for, it's also a very positive and uplifting transit that can show us that by seeing the other side of things, we can actually make our own lives better. Communicative Gemini is expanded upon with Jupiter's influence, so on May 25, 2024, three zodiac signs are encouraged to open their minds to the idea that maybe it's worth listening to others.


3 zodiac signs embrace second chances when Jupiter enters Gemini on May 25

1. Sagittarius

With enough self-help work on your side, you're now willing to look at some of the mistakes you've made over the last few years to see if you were indeed as 'right' as you thought you were at the time you made them. You'll find that you work well with the influence of Jupiter in Gemini in your life on May 25. Looking back over the past is very revealing, as you are now open to seeing what you did.

Now that you're able to put things into perspective, you can see that you weren't always right and that your actions didn't always come from a place of love or even self-love. Now that enough time has gone by and all those old wounds healed, you crave contact with a person you ended a relationship with. What you'll see taking place on May 25 is that the Jupiter in Gemini transit opens up the doors to new and fruitful communication with this person and that they, too, wish to be back in touch. Like yourself, they don't want to rehash the 'bad old days' for the sake of it. The two of you will make a go of trying again, and it will work this time.


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2. Aquarius

We all know that when you get stuck on something, it could potentially last for years. You are a very dedicated person and sometimes this kind of dedication borders on obsession; you can't help yourself. When you see something that interests you, you go at it again and again until you find yourself isolating yourself from others for the sake of sticking with your obsession.

What Jupiter in Gemini provides you with is perspective. Over the years, due to your dedication to that which interests you, you've gone beyond the love of friends. And on May 25, one such person will come to mind. You know that you basically ghosted them out of your life simply because they weren't into the same things as you. You also crave their companionship as it was so, so good once upon a time, and this Saturday feels like a good time to reach out to that person to check in and tell them what's going on in your life. You'd like to resume the friendship. You are ready to apologize for any wrongdoing you may have been a part of and completely ready to take responsibility and be a good friend to them once again. You feel good about your life, and you've learned that it's better to have friends than not.

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3. Pisces

This day starts with you apologizing to someone you believe you totally turned off a while back. You are completely aware of your ability to be either too blunt or just plain mean. Even though it's in your Pisces nature to be kind and sincere, you can have a mean streak — and you just happened to let it out on that one person who meant a lot to you a long time ago.

During the Jupiter in Gemini transit on May 25, the broader picture is now something you can understand. You can't just shout people into submission, and certainly not if you want them to trust and be friends with you. What you did to this person in the past is the perfect example of your worst side. You have learned so much since then that you are ready to do your best in the present. So, this Saturday is about reconciliation and renewal. You want to try again and you will make this known to the person you've unnecessarily ousted from your life. You went too far, and you know it. Now, you want to prove yourself to this worthy friend because you know you've got it in you. 


You are worth much more than the sum of your mistakes, and you want to get back with this old pal to show them what you are now made of.

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