3 Zodiac Signs Learn Important Life Lessons The Hard Way On May 25

Even the hardest-learned lessons eventually make your life better.

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This Saturday, May 25, Venus trines Pluto, leading to three zodiac signs learning a lesson the hard way. While we may come in with the greatest of intentions, we may also be a little too eager to tell the world what's on our mind, meaning we may not be one with the timing of it all. In other words, we're going to blurt out our feelings at the worst moment there is.

Thanks to the Venus trine Pluto transit, these three zodiac signs will say a little too much, too soon — and too forcefully for others to accept. Discretion is the lesson of the day, but unfortunately, these signs won't catch on until it's too late. But that's OK! Some life lessons are best learned the hard way. Live and learn. We'll survive!


3 Zodiac Signs Learn Important Life Lessons The Hard Way On May 25

1. Gemini

Venus trine Pluto has you wondering whether to speak up or keep something to yourself, and you might find that on Saturday, May 25, you are too confused to figure out which is the better path to take. 

If you open your mouth and say what you feel, you may end up bringing up something that has already been healed, and you don't want to rip open that wound again. Still, you want to apologize and make things right, as you finally feel good enough about owning your actions in this mishap. And as Venus trine Pluto brings you the confidence you need to tell it like it is, you may just end up saying too much. It's all about timing on May 25, and while your intentions are wonderful and your heart is good, you will more than likely end up blurting out something that sets things back to point one.


The bright side: It's salvageable. Whatever you went through with this particular person, there's still something there that is worth saving. Yes, you may not recognize the idea that keeping your mouth shut is the more valuable of the options, but even as you do bring up the past and slightly awaken the hurt that person once felt, you'll be happy to know that it only smarts for a tiny bit; enough time has passed and they are willing to let you back into their heart.

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2. Virgo

Venus trine Pluto on May 25 shows you that just because you think it, doesn't necessarily mean you have to share it with the world. You have your opinions and feel very strongly that you are one zillion percent in the right, but your opinions are sometimes also caustic and painful for others to hear. 


During Venus trine Pluto, you'll make no excuses as to why you should hold back. You simply... don't. And you will do what you've done before: put people off. You don't always realize that feeling strongly about something is possible without being hateful and acerbic. Using discretion doesn't take anything away from you at this time, and yet you continue insisting that not only are you right, but 'the other side' is wrong. Do you take anything lightly, Virgo?

The bright side: You'll notice that you are 'tolerated.' And this, in a way, is a good thing. Because you can be so over the top with your opinions, people in your life have started to 'slightly' ignore you a bit, and you see this in action. And while you don't 'like' it, you get it. You are too much sometimes, and this transit helps you learn that maybe spouting your opinion isn't always the best idea.

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3. Scorpio

Learning when to speak up and when to stay silent is a no-brainer for you, as you haven't really considered the idea of staying silent to be anything other than enforced repression. You quite simply do not stay silent, as you believe that if you have an idea, it's worth sharing. You aren't paying attention to the vibe around you or being sensitive to those in the room. You are content with your own opinion and during Venus trine Pluto, you will share it.


However, this has you saying a little too much and paying the price for such loose lips. It's enough, Scorpio! While we all know that you are fearless and able to say the nerviest of things, but you need to ask yourself if expressing yourself all the time in ways that could be taken as offensive is the right way to go about it all.

The bright side: When the reception isn't what you expected, you might find yourself reevaluating your situation. This is a good thing, Scorpio, and shows that you are not shallow. During Venus trine Pluto, you'll have the chance to consider that maybe there's something to this discretion thing and that by using it, you might actually find yourself in a better and more positive headspace.

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