3 Zodiac Signs That Need To Be Careful With Their Hearts On May 28

When the Moon trines Venus on May 28, three zodiac signs are at risk of falling for the wrong person.

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When we fall in love, all we have is our gut feeling and the drive to make something out of what we feel. Falling in love is the easiest thing in the world to do, and as we let ourselves go, we rarely think about what we're getting into. And this is how we sometimes end up falling for the wrong person, as three zodiac signs find themselves at risk of doing during Moon trine Venus on May 28, 2024.

3 zodiac signs that need to be careful with their hearts on May 28

1. Taurus

The last thing you care about when you fall in love with a person is their resume. You are not there to see what's in store if you get into a relationship with them, as you are very committed to living in the present. The future is for someone else, and that's where the anxiety is. You avoid this kind of thing, so when you fall in love, if they turn out to be the 'wrong person', then so be it. You'll live.


During Moon trine Venus, someone new will come into your life and you won't check their references. May 28 has you falling hard and throwing all caution to the wind. While others may not agree to your romantic style and may have warnings for you, you really aren't interested in what others think about you, your choices, or the people you date. You'll fall in love with whomever you wish, as it is your life we're talking about here.

In your mind, life is nothing without learning from mistakes, and while you're not thrilled to make them (especially when it comes to love and romance), you'll take your chances and let the cards fall as they may. When you fall in love, you enjoy the moment, and if you have to pay for that moment with regret later on, then so what? That's your feeling, Taurus. It's all good in your book.


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2. Scorpio

Falling in love with the wrong person is basically part of the process for you, Scorpio, as you aren't the idealist that others think you are. When someone grabs your heart, you go with it. And during Moon trine Venus, you'll do just that, as it all feels quite good to you and none of it has you wondering what the future will look like. You're not in love with a purpose or an agenda; you're just there, enjoying life as it comes to you.

Experience makes you a well-rounded person, and the experience you'll have on May 28 allows you to know that taking chances is what makes your life fun, Scorpio. You may be having this experience with someone who is totally wrong for you but at the moment, you cannot see that. It's not like their 'wrongness' is tragic or dangerous, it just may not last as it is. 

So, this one is on you. And knowing you, you'll take that chance because you're alive right now and this is what feels good to you. During Moon trine Venus, love is very much in the air, and being that you're not looking for a contract that states relationship perfection, you're good to go as is.


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3. Aquarius

You already know you've fallen for the wrong person and for some reason that seems to bother other people way more than it bothers you. In fact, it doesn't bother you at all, Aquarius, which is interesting, considering you are the one who is going to feel the disappointment. But that's the future, and who needs to get themselves into the anxiety of worrying about the future? Not you, Aquarius. The time is now.

The interesting thing about you is that this 'wrong person' is quite right for you right now. You're not like other people, Aquarius; you're individual and unique, and transits like Moon trine Venus really bring this out in you. You aren't signing up for a long-term commitment; you've only just fallen in love. You aren't getting any bad vibes from this person so, in your mind, you might as well enjoy what you have while you have it.

If this upsets others, then maybe they should get a life instead of paying so much attention to yours. You are a person who craves experience, and there is no such thing as 'wrong.' If a person comes into your life, then it's meant to be, no matter what their presence in your life results in. You can't just stay in your bedroom hoping for the perfect person to knock down the door and spare you from wrongness; you are, in fact, open to all that life offers you, both positive and negative.


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