3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Challenging Horoscopes When The Sun Trines The Moon On May 28

We never want to hear that our honest efforts have backfired.

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If ever there were a transit that could shine a light down on the truth, it would definitely be Sun trine Moon on May 28th, which by its name alone, suggests that the day is about revelation and bold-faced truth. Tuesday won't be an easy one for three zodiac signs that will have to accept that they are doing something that offends people when they thought they were creating community. This might not be your intention, but Sun trine Moon reveals that we are far more filled with animosity than we are with love, light and the desire to make people happy. 


3 zodiac signs overcome challenging horoscopes when the sun trines the moon on May 28

1. Aries

On Tuesday, May 28, during Sun trine Moon, someone is going to say something to you that is going to disturb your peace because they speak a truth you're not ready to hear. You feel like you've got a handle on your life and that while you like to pose as someone who is open and receptive, the reality is that you are set in your ways. So when someone lays 'their' truth on you, you turn your back on it as a knee-jerk reaction.

The only problem here is that they got to you and you can't let go of what that person said because you know they are right. You also know that if you're going to listen and accept, it's going to take work and admitting that you might be wrong. Sun trine Moon is a transit of revelation; you can't escape the truth when it's around, and May 28 brings that truth right to your door.


The bright side: Whether you like it or not, you're going to let it do its work on you because you have a sneaking suspicion that something good is going to come of it all. Perhaps this was the kick in the pants that you needed, even though that was a hard thing to admit. But you are a warrior, Aries, and you've dealt with 'hard' before. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger and you are living proof of this.

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2. Gemini

As someone who totally prides themselves on ability and order, the last thing you want to hear on May 28 is that there's someone 'out there' who thinks you are making a big mistake. You feel that you are the only one who gets to pass judgment on your own self and that if this person feels so strongly about all of your so-called wrongdoings, then let them step forward and say it to your face. And, being that Sun trine Moon is the transit of revelation, this confrontation takes place, giving what you asked for. 

The only problem here is that you can't take what they have to say because it's not only the truth, but it reflects poorly on you. There are things you don't want to know about yourself and you resent when others try to 'teach you a lesson.' However, you have shown this person that you are not reliable and they are now taking you to task over it.


The bright side: First of all, you're a super quick learner, and being that you are on a continuous journey of self-improvement, you'll take what this person has to say into consideration and learn from it. That's the beauty of you, Gemini. You want to learn and improve and this little ego-bash will have you reinventing yourself for the better.

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3. Virgo

You have created situations in your life that are only now showing up for you as super-negatives. You didn't listen to the good advice given to you by friends and loved ones because you wanted to believe that you could handle it all on your own, and what you ended up doing was shooting yourself in the foot. You have hurt your own life because you were too adamant about not listening to others.

On May 28, you will get a solid example of how you did yourself a disservice when you ignored the facts and went for it anyway, and when a friend of yourself chimes in with their opinion on the matter, you'll feel bad, but you'll make your friend feel even worse for speaking up. It's a situation where no one wins; the damage is done and there's no undoing it. Friends and loved ones cannot help you, as you've shut the gate on all kinds of help.


The bright side: Because the Sun trine Moon transit is basically very positive, you will come to see that the present is what you have to work with and that you cannot undo the past, nor can you live in the future, foreseeing things that cannot be. Your lesson on Tuesday, May 28 comes in the form of wisdom. Experience has shown you that you always have a second chance and that you are always able to make the best of any situation. It's all about mind power, Virgo.

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