3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Conflict On May 27 When The Moon Aligns With Neptune

It's time to speak up and move forward.

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It's amazing how much time we can spend trying NOT to say something that's been on our minds simply because we really and truly do not want to upset the order of things. We know that if we speak up, especially in a situation that depends on us not speaking up, we'll create conflict. But on May 27, 2024, when the moon aligns with Neptune, we realize so much of this is in our minds. 

What we'll find is that the big conflict we wanted to avoid is actually our right. We do not have to hide from telling the truth, as the truth in this case lets everyone know how to proceed. Sometimes, we don't want to stir the pot and we blame 'them' for not understanding us — but did we try making them understand? This is where the plot thickens for three zodiac signs.


3 zodiac signs overcome conflict on May 27 when the moon aligns with Neptune

1. Gemini

capricorn moon neptune may 27 horoscope

After keeping something to yourself for a very long time, you realize that the only one suffering is you. It would be best if you expressed yourself, although you aren't quite certain that doing so will make anything easier on anyone. On May 27, during the Moon/Neptune transit, you will take that chance because, honestly, you can no longer keep it in. You don't want to hurt anyone by simply talking things out, but by holding back, all you seem to get is inner turmoil. There doesn't seem to be a way out of it unless, of course, you bite the bullet and just...let it out. Monday makes you feel strongly about not getting involved, but avoiding conflict has left you feeling repressed and incomplete.


The bright side: This is a Neptune transit, and while that doesn't always imply action, it does lend itself towards the idea of really thinking things through to a conclusion. The positive take on this is that your thoughts will lead to action. Those actions will end in you fearing conflict a whole lot less than you imagined, which results in you expressing yourself freely.

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2. Cancer

cancer moon neptune may 27 horoscope


You have concluded that nobody wants to hear what you have to say, but have you considered the fact that it's you who hasn't yet made the move to be heard? You have lived in this cubicle of fear and Cancer, thinking that what you have to offer is so abrasive that nobody could possibly accept what you have to say. Yet, there is no evidence to show that you'll be rejected. It's only a thought, and during a Neptune transit, thoughts have wings.

What you do know is that you're tired of holding back, and you're starting to catch on to the idea that maybe what you have to say is not that bad after all. On May 27, you step up and take that chance. What you'll find is that this is only the beginning. There has never been a need for you to stand in the shadows, Cancer. It's your turn to grab the mic.

The bright side: Freeing yourself from your self-imposed mental prison is what allows you to find courage in the days to come. You come to realize that this Monday is no ordinary time for you. This is when you can crack open and really start living again. Don't project your feelings of rejection onto others; this one's up to you. You are accepted and loved, so go for it.

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3. Virgo

virgo moon neptune may 27 horoscope

You have kept to yourself for far longer than even you could have imagined. And being that you are not one to hold things in, you might feel that on Monday, you're about ready to pop. What happens if you do? Does everyone in your life suddenly turn on you for having an opinion? You know this won't happen, but Neptune's energy has you overthinking it.

Here, you have a lot of time in your favor, Virgo. This could be the right time to get out of your way and simply admit to what you have on your mind. You are starting to feel as though all you do is avoid conflict, and that's ended up with you not feeling good about yourself. Which, to you, is practically a mortal sin. You want to feel good about yourself and love your life.


The bright side: Being who you are, you will grab the bulls by the horns and do what you've been avoiding: tell someone in your life how you feel and just deal with the consequences. The reality is that you've made a much bigger deal out of all of it than was ever necessary, and when you see how this other person reacts to your 'big truth,' you'll know that you've done it again. You imagined it to be much worse than it ever was.

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