The Universe Gifts 2 Zodiac Signs Increased Abundance Starting On May 21

Receive the good karma that you deserve.

The Universe Gifts These 2 Zodiac Signs The Abundance They Deserve On May 21 ZayamiArt, Shotprime | Canva Pro

So often, karma is spoken about in only negative terms, hearing it most in those instances where others may have wronged you, and you hope they receive the karma they have sown. But karma itself is neither good nor bad, it’s not something that’s out to get you, or trip you up when you least expect it. Karma is simply an energy that whatever you put out into the world is what you will receive. This means that the effort, diligence, commitment and work you’ve been putting into manifesting your dream will all be returned to you, and it couldn’t be happening in a luckier or more incredible way.


Venus and Jupiter will unite together in Taurus, just before both prepare to exit this earth sign, which is important because it represents these two planets are bringing something monumental to fruition. Venus governs over areas of love, real estate, and financial wealth – while Jupiter seeks to expand with luck and more abundant opportunities. 


As Venus and Jupiter connect in Taurus, you will receive positive karma for all the work you’ve been investing in manifesting your dreams since Jupiter first entered this earth sign on May 16, 2023. You have continually invested in the life you want to live, and so now it’s time to sit back and realize that you have done all that is necessary to manifest your dreams, and now it’s just about receiving the positive and abundant karma that you deserve.

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The universe gifts these 2 zodiac signs the abundance they deserve on May 21

1. Scorpio

Abundance Affirmation: I am creating space for romantic abundance and luck.

While patience isn’t always easy, the universe allows you to learn and understand why it is so valuable, especially in your romantic life. Not everything you once thought you wanted still aligns with your new values and sense of worthiness, so you have been creating space for what you want as you practice boundaries with what no longer resonates. To be able to say you’ve changed your mind or that you’ve grown is one of the bravest acts because it means you are ready to embrace the process of transformation within your life.


Jupiter and Venus will unite in the final degrees of Taurus on Tuesday, May 21, bringing to fruition the positive karma you’ve been sowing in your romantic life. Love is one of the most important aspects in your life for you to feel you’ve truly created the abundance you desire, but it also means you often need to make some tough decisions along the way. In the past year, Jupiter has blessed you with the ability to imagine more for your romantic life than you ever thought possible, which has also helped you heal more of your past and understand what you genuinely need and deserve from a partner. As Jupiter and Venus now connect in Taurus, they are bringing you a moment of romantic opportunity and fulfillment to finally understand why you’ve been guided to take the path that you have.

One of the most important lessons in love, which the energy of Jupiter and Venus emphasizes, is that you don’t need to endlessly work for what you deserve. You don’t need to invest all your energy into being the perfect partner or feeling the most beautiful because the love meant for you will want you just as you are and will extend to you what you deserve. By embodying this soul lesson, you can sit back and begin to receive the positive karma and abundance for all the work you have been doing in your romantic life, knowing in your heart you have always been worthy of more.

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2. Leo

Abundance Affirmation: I am open to receiving the rewards for all I’ve invested in my career.


You have always deserved the best of everything, but you have been guided to really start investing in career success and financial abundance by building a strong foundation for continued growth. As much as you naturally attract success, achievements can be more fleeting without paying close attention to what you are putting in place for the future. But you deserve a solid foundation of abundance, recognition, and continuing advancement, knowing that what you invest in yourself will always be rewarded tenfold.

As Venus and Jupiter align in Taurus, a powerful moment of recognition and financial achievement will occur in your career or professional path. Venus governs over financial wealth, while Jupiter helps to bless everything it touches with greater expansion, luck, and abundance. As the energy of Venus and Jupiter begin to filter into your life, expect a promotion, raise, or other significant recognition in the work that you’ve been investing your heart and soul into. This may also help to bring about a pivotal moment in your college path or even in landing that first job post-graduation. You are being given a karmic reward for all the previous work and choices that you’ve been making, and now all that’s left is to receive what is meant for you.

Venus and Jupiter are both at the end of their stint in Taurus, which means this divine meeting will be more about bringing to fruition what you’ve previously worked for. But positive and abundant karma for your past efforts may also direct you onto a new path, so if you receive an offer, especially one that may seem too good to be true, do your best to trust that this is exactly what you have been working so hard for. Although you do need to put in a certain amount of work to achieve success, this is also your sign from the universe that you also deserve the recognition and rewards for that, so create space to welcome in greater abundance, lucky new opportunities, and the chance to know that everything you’ve done has led to this moment.


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