3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Fear & Feel Empowered On May 21

We often times resort to extreme action...to get attention.

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We have a Waxing Scorpio Gibbous on May 21, and for many of us, we may find that if we try to do things in a way that's never worked for us before, those things can still not be done. What this means is that three zodiac signs may feel somewhat powerless at this time. We often resort to extreme action to get attention when we feel powerless.

This Scorpio transit has many of us hungry for attention from past loves, present partners ... friends, enemies, co-workers, and strangers on the street. We may feel as though this transit shines a light down on what we have, and for some of us, we may feel as though we have nothing, which implies nothing to lose. As it's been said, there's nothing more dangerous than a person with nothing to lose.


The only real problem with having nothing to lose is that there's always someone in opposition who has much to protect, meaning much to lose, and what makes this Tuesday so hard for these three zodiac signs is that they may end up challenging an opponent who is much stronger than they are. This false bravado, created by this Waxing Scorpio Gibbous, is what has us 'cashing in our chips.'

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3 zodiac signs who overcome fear and feel empowered on May 21

1. Aries

Every now and then, you feel threatened by forces you cannot control. Being an Aries, you will not go down easily, so you fight like crazy to keep yourself afloat. You'll see that on Tuesday, you may find yourself in a rough spot, the kind of feeling that is expressed as 'between a rock and a hard place.' You want to do the right thing but you aren't sure if you have the goods to show for it.


On one hand, you never give up the battle; on the other, you aren't sure you can muster up the energy for yet another fight. You're quite tired of having to keep up your strength, as you've wanted to put that strength into things that benefit you, like your freedom, love life, and family. You are tired of fighting battles that seem to have nothing to do with your reality.

Once again, you'll plow through, and so much of that success has to do with the transit of the Waxing Scorpio Gibbous Moon, which lets you know that you don't have to fight battles you are no longer interested in dealing with. What's happening here is that your sense of self is back. You need not indulge in that which is no longer 'your turf.'

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2. Leo

What you may find yourself doing on Tuesday, during the Waxing Scorpio Gibbous, is yelling at someone who has bothered you to the point where you've lost your temper and cannot keep your words to yourself. You are infuriated with someone else's reaction to your own words, and your ego is on fire, which leads you to attack this person verbally and with much intensity.


You feel as though this person is by no means receptive to you, and because of that, you turn on them. You do not like being ignored or put off, as the transit of the Scorpio Gibbous highlights your sense of self-importance. You want to lash out at this person for not taking you seriously, yet what you've said to them is offensive and off-putting. You know this, but you are loathe to admit it.

This is the beginning of the true letting go. You don't need this person in your life, and all previous understandings of this person are not real; you must let them go. You must forget them. You have built an ideal of them in your mind, and when they don't live up to it, you condemn them for it. You will rid yourself of them, once and for all, resulting in your own personal and mental freedom.

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3. Libra

What you may find happening on Tuesday is that your needs are not being met and this angers you. You've got the Scorpio Gibbous egging you on, making you feel as though you're supposed to be doing something that you no longer feel right about doing, and part of you wants to just get it out of the way so that you don't feel bothered by it any longer.


Still, a part of you knows what you're about to do is wrong, so your conscience kicks in at this time, causing great conflict inside you, Libra. You are a very good person who, on occasion, likes to indulge in the of others. On Tuesday, you will recognize in yourself the wrongness involved. This is what we call a crisis of conscience.

You'll take the higher road, as that is what sits best with you, and this will read as a great lesson, Libra. It's OK to admit you are wrong and to learn from a mistake that you chose to NOT make. You could have added more to your plate of burdens. Yet, during the Scorpio Gibbous, you'll choose the path of righteousness and goodness. The universe backs you up.

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