3 Zodiac Signs That Are Empowered To Overcome Challenging Horoscopes On May 18

Three zodiac signs will stand up and say a quiet and polite 'no.'

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For three zodiac signs, the astrological energy of moon opposite Neptune on May 18 invites three zodiac signs to feel empowered to say no. These signs are tired of doing what others want. It's not that they are rebels without a cause — they are merely more in touch with what they want and finally at a place in their lives where they are strong enough to say stand up for what they really want. 


On May 18, during moon opposite Neptune, three zodiac signs will say no — and they will be heard. Thankfully. Point taken, zodiac signs.

3 zodiac signs that are empowered to overcome challenging horoscopes on May 18

1. Libra

Saying no is second nature for you, Libra, as you have never once gone along with the mob if you feel opposed to what the mob represents. During moon opposite Neptune, it's all about opposition, and while your lack of interest or participation may upset a few people, you stick to your guns. Saturday, May 18 is for you, not for anyone else — and you're going to make that known to anyone who tries to hustle you along.


You aren't pleased with the idea of making another person or persons feel that you are being difficult, but you are very true to yourself, Libra. And when your heart tells you that getting involved with 'whatever' on this day is wrong for you, you listen to your heart. You always have and you always will. Saying 'no' to those who count on you to say 'yes' isn't fun, but it's necessary. You'll do what you believe is best for you, which will take nothing out of you. 

May 18 is your day, and you won't be swayed. Knowing that you can say 'no', as prone to people-pleasing as you can be, gives you a sense of power. You can use this power again and again in the future, but as of now, during moon opposite Neptune, you'll remain true to your own ways.

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2. Sagittarius

Once you get the hang of saying 'no' it will become the most delicious experience you'll ever have. Finally, you've got the nerve to tell others that you aren't going along with their plan — oh, the freedom you'll experience! When the moon opposes Neptune on Saturday, that freedom will taste like joy and liberation to you, Sagittarius. It may not thrill the ones you say 'no' to, but you've got YOUR life to live.


You've discovered that people respect you more when you are truthful with them, and by saying 'no' to those who expect you to say 'yes', you can establish boundaries. This is a game changer for you, and while it's hard to get to this place, you'll find that the energy of moon opposite Neptune nudges you along beautifully. The only reason you say 'no' is because that's your truth. You aren't faking it or trying to prove anything — you just know yourself and your only response to their inquiry is, "no."

On the bright side, it's Saturday! It's your day to have fun. And that implies that the fun you'll have is the fun you decide to have — your way. You aren't here to make life convenient for others, even though you aren't totally opposed to it. You only want balance. But you are in your power now, and you realize that if you don't step in and protect yourself, no one else will. Get out that archery kit! It's time to brush up on your focusing skills.

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3. Capricorn

Someone in your life is so bossy and domineering that you are quite tired of it. You used to think it was cute, but it has since gotten real old, real fast — and yet, they never weakened their fire. They just keep on going. But during the moon opposite Neptune, you'll be very inspired to say "NO." Really, Capricorn, isn't enough, enough? Oh yes, it is — and on May 18, you dig deep inside yourself and find that rebel ready to tell this person to knock it off already. If they are going to act like a drill sergeant, then you're going to act like a soldier gone AWOL. You are not having any of it.


In reality, your partner needs this. They need to see that you don't exist merely to take whatever they dish out. This may shock them at first, but your demonstration of self-respect may just snap them out of their tyranny. They need to see you rebel — and the very interesting bit is that they'll adapt to it. That's all that was needed, that little word: 'no.' You'll say it, and they'll understand it. Good going, Capricorn!

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