3 Zodiac Signs Who Have Second Thoughts About Their Relationship On May 14

Look into the backstory before making any rash judgments.

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Have you ever wondered what's going on inside the person you're romantically involved with? This Tuesday, three zodiac signs are going to notice something odd about their partners. While 'odd' may be a cool thing, it may also be the thing that has us curious as to why this person is so odd, or what's their backstory, and what happened to them to make them the way they are.

May 14 brings us the Moon square Venus, which brings in the doubt. That little 'squared' aspect in there? That's what could possibly bring on the unraveling. One thought leads to another, and before long, we might have written the entire story before finding out what happened. We may find that this is a good time to ask questions, rather than jump to conclusions.


The best bet for Tuesday, May 14, is to acknowledge our second thoughts about the one we're with and ask the important questions so that our minds don't take over, creating scenarios that may or may not have existed. For the three zodiac signs that may be concerned about what's really happening inside our romantic partner's mind the best solution is to open the door to conversation. This will work.

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3 zodiac signs who will have second thoughts about the one they are with on May 14

1. Taurus

You have a secret. Your secret is that you have been wondering if your partner has a secret that they haven't shared with you. It bothers you. You know something is up; why are they acting like this? While it's not that they are acting peculiarly, it's that you can't help but sense that something has shifted in the relationship, and you're not sure you're happy with it.


That's pretty typical of how the transit, Moon square Venus works on May 14. What you'll see is that your partner's behavior seems to suggest that there's more here than meets the eye. The disappointing part is that you aren't sure you like where all of this is heading. Why now? Why are they acting this way, and why are you feeling this way?

You've begun to have second thoughts about the person you're with, which is concerning, as you've just committed time and money on their behalf. Yes, time and money are big concerns with you, and you can't just release funds all that easily. Now that your partner has been acting weirdly, you're starting to wonder whether or not you can trust where any of this is going. Yikes!

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2. Scorpio

Ok, so here you are, fully invested in this romantic partner of yours, and out of the blue, you get this weird feeling of dread, as if a cold wind has just gone over your heart. Call it instinct or insight, or maybe it's just paranoia, but you can't shake the feeling that something is going on with your partner that isn't right. It has you second-guessing the entire relationship.


What on earth could be going on? Well, on Tuesday, May 14, you're going to answer that question by doing the only thing that makes sense: you're going to ask them. Point blank, no dilly-dallying. When you want to know what's at the bottom of something, you've come to understand that the quickest way from one point to another is with a straight line.

So, during Moon square Venus, you'll ask your partner if your hunch is on the money or if you're just being paranoid. There's a good chance you can split the difference here. They may have something that indeed needs to be said, but it may not be as awful as you've made it out to be in your mind. All will turn out well in the long run, Scorpio, so fear not and carry on.

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3. Pisces

(February 19 - March 20)


Being that you are so sensitive, you tend to pick up on more than you want to at times, which means that you are also empathetic. What's happening on May 14, however, is that you may be picking up on something that isn't there when it comes to your love life. That's not to say you're off base. You may be on to something, but until you know for sure, you don't know for sure.

What you DO know, however, is that you're starting to feel something unsavory about your romantic partner. They did something that turned you off, and you can't get it out of your mind. Was it that grand and stupendous that it's cause for alarm? Oh no, not by a long shot, but still, the seed was planted, and now, you've got yourself a case of 'second thoughts.' Hmmm.

There's only one way to get past this: confronting them head-on with whatever it is that plagues your mind. Rather than keep it to yourself, you might want to rid yourself of the burden of these second thoughts, as this is a good time to divest unnecessary thinking. During Moon square Venus, you'll find that honesty is the best policy and that it's a good idea to ask now rather than regret later.


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