3 Zodiac Signs Who Overcome Challenges & Improve Relationships On May 6

We have to trust ourselves.

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There are times in our lives when we know that we cannot go along with someone simply because we are opposed to what they want of us, and if we dig our heels in hard enough, we will be able to resist going along with someone else's idea of what is best for us. We see this happen in romantic relationships all the time; our partners have convinced themselves that they have the 'way' of doing things and that, in our best interests, we should follow along dutifully.

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Interestingly enough, on Monday, May 6, we have the transit of a Taurus Moon conjunct Mercury, which will have three zodiac signs putting their foot down while saying a very firm and obvious 'no.' We have to trust in our own selves during this time, and even if our partners are magically persuasive, we are the ones who know what's best for us; we are the ones we choose to trust on Monday.


There's something to saying 'no' that is very empowering, especially when we realize that we're coming from a place of pure truth. We don't want to be involved in something that makes us feel uncomfortable. On May 6, we aren't about to compromise ourselves, yet again, so that our partners can feel like they are running the show. Clearly, they are not. They may be wonderful, loving people, but right now, we don't agree with their choices and are simply not going to 'go along with their desires.'

3 zodiac signs who overcome challenges and improve relationships on May 6

1. Gemini

Monday is the kind of day you like having, Gemini. With the Taurus Moon conjunct Mercury, you'll be happy you stood your ground. May 6 shows you that it's OK to choose yourself over others and that this kind of decision isn't always selfish; sometimes, choosing yourself is about self-respect, as it will be during this time.

Someone in your life will present you with an idea. This idea is something that you take for granted as something you'll naturally go along with, and yet, you aren't quite sure where they got this impression. You may have gone along with them in the past, but that wasn't a signed contract that let them know you'd do anything for them at any time. Oh no. This time, you have your own thing to care for, so you will choose 'your thing' over theirs.

It's just something they will have to get over, and while you weren't prepared to come across as the 'bad guy' suddenly, you are also not here to take the guilt they wish to lay on you. You aren't guilty. You're just not into whatever they have decided you need to be into. You'll go your way on May 6. You've made your choice and will follow your heart, as it's never wrong.


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2. Cancer

The 'others' in your life are quite demanding of your time. This is more than like about family, in your case, Cancer. You are the family member who comes through for everyone and always has. You've also noticed that everyone in the family seems to take it for granted that this is what you'll do. They don't feel the need to ask any longer; they grab, take, demand and expect.

May 6 brings you the Taurus Moon conjunct Mercury transit, and that's the one that has you saying NO WAY to being involved in something that, honestly, you're quite tired of. Yes, you love your family, and you're not turning on them, but for heck's sake, you need your own time, and you want your family to respect you enough to ask before jumping in with their demands.

With Taurus Moon conjunct Mercury at hand, you can stand your ground and let these other folks know that you have your own plans and aren't interested in breaking them. You are on a course for joy, and you know what makes you the happiest. You are happy to serve your family at any other time, but as of May 6, your loyalty is to yourself, and that's a good thing, Cancer.


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3. Sagittarius

It's been a long, long time since you chose yourself over others, and how this plays out on May 6 is very simple: You will say a polite 'no' to an invitation that would have you get very involved in something that you see as time-wasting and uninspiring. Right now, you're going through a renaissance of creativity, and the last thing you want to do is what others tell you to do.

You have no choice, or at least that's how you feel during the Taurus Moon conjunct Mercury. While we always have a choice in just about everything we do, you will see that you have to follow your heart. In this case, that means telling others that you cannot participate in their event, whatever that 'event' may be. You feel very driven towards isolating yourself, as you need this alone time to think, create, and seek more inspiration.

If given a choice between staying alone on May 6 and getting together with many people with no plan, you'll choose to be alone. For you, being alone is an experience like none other. Monday is the day you notice how you feel when you choose yourself over others, and the feeling is spectacular.


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