3 Zodiac Signs Who Grow Stronger & Improve Their Lives On May 4

Smile and wave, folks. Smile and wave.

3 Zodiac Signs Who Grow Stronger & Improve Their Lives On May 4 Peopleimages from getty images signature, Nikiko from pixabay, Iryna Danyliuk, grebeshkov, annetdebar | Canva Pro

May 4 brings us a day of fearless action and possibly even daring events. While this may sound almost scary to some, some of us here can shake it up a bit and do something radically different, maybe even dangerous. That's not a sign telling you to go out and risk your life, so don't you dare think along those lines. However, we've got an Aries Moon conjunct Mars upon us, and for three zodiac signs, this may feel like a dare.


Saturday involves going outside and to community events. This very social day will bring out the best in us. Since it's an Aries Moon, we will watch our step, where the so-called 'danger' lies. We feel strong and powerful during the Aries Moon conjunct Mars. We may be 'mouthing off' too much if we can't control ourselves.

Of course, being in a social situation doesn't help that much either, as this is when we feel like everyone around us is up in our faces and annoying the heck out of us. So, what do we do when we feel that way, zodiac signs? We smile and wave. Just like the Madagascar penguins do. We smile and wave. Keep those thoughts to yourself if you want to get through the day. Don't worry, everything will be OK. We may feel fearless, but this kind of courage looks best when we are discreet with it.


3 zodiac signs who grow stronger and improve their lives on May 4

1. Leo

This Saturday, you'll be fully in your zone, Leo, and this can only imply that you'll be as brave, strong and virtuous as you are. During the transit of Aries Moon conjunct Mars, it's all about strength, and the great part is that we're not fighting or using our power for any other purpose than good. We are helpful, and you, of all people, are practically a hero.

You may find that you will go out of your way to help someone this Saturday. You'll see that this person is in need and either too shy to ask for help or doesn't want to be a burden. That's when you'll step in. You feel good when you can come through for people and don't necessarily need to know them. If that's how things work out, you'll help a stranger in need.

You aren't doing this for kudos or attention, either, Leo. This is purely an altruistic move on your part, and what you've created with your do-gooder attitude is a feeling of security for the person you've just done a good turn for. You ask for no compensation, and you are happy to be of help. May 4 brings out your best nature, and you don't even need to wear a cape to come across as a genuine hero.

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2. Scorpio

You've got one heckuva fearless attitude going for you on Saturday during Aries Moon conjunct Mars. So much of it comes to you because of self-confidence and a real desire to do the right thing where others are concerned. You want your romantic partner to see you in the right light, and you wouldn't mind if others perceived you as a positive and helpful person, either.

You have started to understand that negative energy brings you down and that if you indulge in it, thinking it's funny or inconsequential, you're the one who ends up paying the price. You're tired of that price. You've come to see that you are actually in control of this, and while control is your thing, Scorpio, this is all about self-control to be happy.

No longer will you let yourself get into a funky mood simply because you can't stop yourself from going there? You feel fearless and strong during the Aries Moon conjunct Mars. You will use this energy to heal yourself and your mind. Why stay in a dark place when you can remove yourself from it by your own will? This is a big lesson; you'll learn it well on May 4.

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3. Aquarius

It doesn't take much for you to go from slothful resistor to brave warrior because you are personally not attached to being any one way in particular. However, when you are influenced by transits like Aries Moon conjunct Mars, your tendency to be brave and fearless is more apt to prevail. You'll see that on May 4, this transit has you standing up and defending someone because you feel you should.

You want to. This isn't an obligatory reaction. There is someone in your life who needs your help. It may not be 'your' help that they need, but you will be the one who jumps to the challenge because that's how Aries Moon conjunct Mars affects you. It will have you exiting your comfort zone to make another person feel safe. This is a gratifying feeling for you. You like helping others, and your help will, indeed, be appreciated.

So, make the most of May 4, Aquarius, as you'll probably be in a 'leave me alone, I just want to sleep' mood as soon as it's over. You did well, or rather, you're about to do well. So, enjoy your moment as a helpful neighbor, supportive lover, or wise family member as the Aries Moon conjunct Mars does its best to put you in the positive role of fearless leader. You are good at this.


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