Life Improves For 3 Zodiac Signs & Their Horoscopes On May 3

We may begin a new and much healthier path towards love, light and self esteem.

Life Improves For 3 Zodiac Sign's & Their Horoscopes On May 3 Miya Nuraisah, SHOTPRIME | Canva Pro

Friday, May 3, may have a bit of a rough edge. It’s not so much because things are hard for us—they're not—but because we had our hearts set on something that we're starting to feel may not come through. This is love-related and happens because the transit Moon conjunct Saturn is in our sky, influencing things like perception and dreams.

For three zodiac signs, this could be a day of dashed hopes. Ack! Nobody wants that, but the idea of losing faith in one thing may have us finding new faith in something more reliable. We've been romanticizing the impossible, which could look like being in love with someone who barely knows we exist or believing that love will 'save' us someday.


Moon conjunct Saturn has us taking a good, long look at ourselves. We are people who like to laugh. We like to have a good time, and we rarely like to look at the dark underbelly of those dreams that we cling to too hard. What's going on during this time is that we may see that this love we've been holding on to is not doing us any good, and as soon as we recognize this, we may begin a new and much healthier path toward love, light, and self-esteem.

Life improves for 3 zodiac signs and their horoscopes on May 3

1. Sagittarius

You've lived your life a certain way, and while it's worked for you, so much of what makes you tick is about some private fantasy you hold on to. You think that eventually, what you want — even though you KNOW it's impossible — will somehow manifest. While the Law of Attraction is always in full force, what you'll realize on May 3 is that if a thing can't be, then it's not going to be.


As they say, you can't get blood out of a stone. No matter what impossible dream you have of that somehow not being true, you'll learn very quickly that during the Moon's conjunct Saturn, if something is not meant to be, there is nothing you can do or not do to affect the outcome. This is a huge change for you, and it's one that you will grow more accustomed to as time goes by.

While you may be a 'blind optimist,' you admire realism. In being real, you free yourself from the illusion that you'll get what you want, especially regarding your one impossible dream. It's OK to let go, in this case, Sagittarius. Letting go gives you what you love the most: freedom. This freedom creates space for positivity and realistic hope.

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2. Aquarius

You already know that you don't like being opposed or criticized when it comes to your beliefs, and it just so happens that what you believe happens to be something that, on some deep level, you know will never happen in your life. Yes, Aquarius, it does have something to do with that one person you've had a crush on for what feels like centuries.


On Friday, you'll hear from a friend who will tell you exactly what they think of your impossible love. While you may feel defensive and aggravated by their nerve to share such negativity with you, you'll hear something in their voice that borders on pleading. They want you to wake up, and while you ordinarily shrug such nonsense off, this Friday has you listening to what they have to say.

While it's hard for you to admit that you might have taken this crush way too far, as nothing has happened between you and this person, and it's been YEARS, you may find that with the help of Moon conjunct Saturn, you will come to a more accepting state of mind. You don't want to torment yourself any further. While you're not into thanking your friend for their unwanted advice, you'll see they have advised you quite well.

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3. Pisces

You've been romancing the impossible for a long time now, and what's meant is that you've held on to something for 'having something to do' for a while. It's on May 3 that you realize that it might be time to let go. This is sad and painful for you, but it's not without hope. One of the big lessons of the day is that nothing is without hope.


During Moon conjunct Saturn, you'll see very clearly that your ties to the past are 'enough.' You paid your dues, and you have moved on with your life. However, you've held the past in such high esteem that you didn't allow yourself the freedom to extend yourself past those small limitations. It will be this Friday that you see that maybe it's time to move on in earnest.

Recognizing the right timing is crucial here, Pisces, and it seems that time is on your side, as Moon conjunct Saturn puts you in the right mindset for transformation. You may have difficulty letting go of some romantic notion or a memory of a time gone by, but in the long run, you must let go. So, this Friday gives you the right opportunity to do so. You will feel much freer as time goes by, Pisces.

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