3 Zodiac Signs Who Are Luckiest In Love On May 1

Who doesn't love May?

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Welcome to May and all it brings! Who doesn't love May? On the first day of this new month, we will see that maybe May loves us back, as well, as our luck is about to flip over for us. This Wednesday, May 1, three zodiac signs will experience the love overhaul known as Venus square Pluto. It's here to give us hope and let us know that we're the driving force behind the change coming our way.

On Wednesday, we may find a resurgence of interest in our romantic partners. Not that we ever 'lost' interest, but we can all admit now and then that the intensity of our romantic interest may falter here and there. During Venus square Pluto, we will be given a major opportunity to change how we perceive our love stories, and for three zodiac signs, this may very well be the challenge we wish to take. 


We have a good day in store for three zodiac signs on the first day of May. It's a very nice way to enter a new month. We tend to see the first day of each month as a new beginning. While so much of that is mental, we create the situation for goodness with our mind and manifest it as a result. So, let's raise a drink to the first day of the beautiful month of May and celebrate the love that is in our lives now!

3 zodiac signs who are luckiest in love on May 1

1. Virgo

Expect to be treasured, as your partner is apt to find you irresistibly attractive in so many ways. Just in case you didn't think you captivated them enough, you'll find that on Wednesday, you seem to have some kind of personal magic, and you will be able to flaunt that magic during Venus square Pluto, which helps your relationship out.


The reason this transit is helpful at this time is because one of you had to step up, and bring back the 'shine.' It seems that's your job to do, Virgo. Good for you for being able to seize the day and make it yours, as you will find Wednesday, to not only usher in the sparkling new month but a new take on an old love. This is working for you, and you're going to take it even further, as the month progresses.

Pluto has you feeling confident when it comes to keeping up this loving attitude, and your partner is not only going to notice, but they will respond accordingly. This brings great happiness to you. Virgo, you'll see that this is a very good time for sharing what's on your mind and for letting out your secrets, as you have a partner whom you can trust with all of it.

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2. Libra

Don't be surprised if you see that your current romantic relationship goes from lukewarm to fire during Venus square Pluto, this Wednesday. It's time for a change, and while you like to control the things in your life, you might find that you're open to rapid change during this time. It's positive and promising, and while you aren't sure where it's all leading, you're there for it, unafraid.


Venus' energy makes you feel as though you want to go places with your partner, but you are also quite sure that you don't want to do anything you've done before. That's where spontaneity comes in, and with a Pluto transit, on one hand, you know it's going to be good. On the other, you aren't sure what 'it's' going to be. Still, you're curious and ready.

You may find that during this time, your partner is the one who brings up the fancy new ideas. While you're used to being the one who sort of steers the relationship here or there, you'll be open to hearing them out during Venus square Pluto as you can see that whatever is on their mind seems to be stimulating, curious and interesting to you.

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3. Scorpio

It's a known fact that Pluto transit gets right to the heart of Scorpio-signed people. When that transit is involved with Venus, as it is this Wednesday, you'll personally get a taste of how love affects your life for the better. Whether you are with someone or not, you will see that this is a very positive time in your life, Scorpio, and that May 1 feels like the beginning of something new and wonderful.


Say, for instance, you do have a romantic partner. Then what you can expect to happen during this time is an open door to honest communication. This isn't the case with all couples. Some of us are too scared to say what's on our minds to our partners, simply because we anticipate being rejected. You know in advance that your thoughts will be accepted because there's a feeling in the air that gives you confidence on this topic.

If you are not with someone at this point, then you may just find that you are put on the path towards finding that love, as Wednesday comes with the transit that allows you to flow with the 'right place at the right time.' You are in the right place to find love, and while you still have to stay aware so that opportunity can knock, you can also relax in the idea that this is when it all begins for you, Scorpio.

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