3 Zodiac Signs Receive Intuitive Gifts From The Universe On April 29, 2024

Work that magic!

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If there's a lesson to be learned on April 29, during the transit of Mars conjunct Neptune, then it would be the one where we know something 'great' about ourselves and we make the decision to not share this greatness with the whole world. That's not to say we're selfish, no, in this case, we need to be self-protective and why? Because the 'great' thing that we will discover today is something that most people do not accept or believe in. That would be 'intuition' or psychic gifts.


The supernatural is a phenomenon that most people have experience with, yet the thought of it has the majority of folks doubting it, immediately. We tend to dismiss the invisible, and being that thought and intuition are not something we can see with our eyes, when it feels real to someone and that someone isn't US, then we automatically invalidate it.


Now, during Mars conjunct Neptune, we're looking at the power of the mind and for three zodiac signs, we who have intuitive gifts or get 'psychic hits' are not going to push aside these visions. We know what we're seeing here and we know we're not crazy. Our gut is telling us something and we must listen. If that 'hint' comes from a place unknown, then we aren't looking for its origin. We trust that our intuitive gifts are real, and for these three zodiac signs, it's nobody's business but our own.

3 zodiac signs discover their intuitive gifts on April 29

1. Aries

You've always had that sixth sense about you, and you've been feeling this way since you were a child. While you've been told that this is all your childish imagination, you've known in your heart of hearts that what you're feeling is no foolish child's game. This is the real deal and while you've also learned to not 'show off' your intuitive gifts, you are also tired of downplaying them so that others feel comfortable around you.

You'll find that during Mars conjunct Neptune, you'll be fully in touch with that which has been your constant companion all your life. That is of course the fact that you have certain psychic gifts and abilities. No, this doesn't mean you can predict the winning numbers on a lottery ticket. It does mean that you feel comfortable listening to your gut when it tells you to either stay...or go.

You've grown accustomed to this inner sense and during Mars conjunct Neptune, you'll get a rush of intuitive hits. You will trust what you feel and you will act on it. It's not going to be something you show off to the world for the sake of getting kudos and your magnificent ability. Oh no. Instead, you will accept your gifts privately and you will do your best with what you have to work with.


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2. Gemini

You, too, have always been psychically gifted and you've learned to trust yourself in this matter. During Mars conjunct Neptune, however, you will be even more in tune with the universal voice than at any other time and this will give you the courage to completely trust in what you feel is a 'message' you must listen to. This isn't something you share with others as you don't feel as though you are meant to 'save' people. You are here to listen and learn...that is all.

April 29 has you trusting your gut, knowing that you are the only person who can make the move you know you need to make. You feel this internally and spiritually. You are the person who chooses what needs to be done next in your life. So, you listen to that voice as you've come to trust yourself in this, fully and all the way.

What comes as a result is that you get to see that once again, you were right. Your psychic gifts lead you to wise choices and why would this ever be something you avoid listening to? You've figured out that this intuitive gift has a purpose in your life. During Mars conjunct Neptune, you'll see that so much of its presence in your life is there to guide you, help you, and see you through to higher ground.



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3. Libra

You have always been keen on listening to what your heart tells you. While some call this 'gut reaction' you tend to think of this feeling as psychic or intuitive. So far, it's never let you down and on April 29, you may even find that you're a little more receptive than usual to the invisible forces that be. During the transit of Mars conjunct Neptune, you don't care what the world thinks of the person who claims to be psychic. You are that person, and you're proud to be who you are.

Being psychic doesn't put you at the front of the line, nor does it pay your bills. Being intuitive doesn't bring you better love, greater health, or home security. It enables you with something different, and this is something only you can name. You have insight, and you will use this insight to your benefit, as it has spared your life in the past, many, many times.


For something this powerful to be in your life, you honor it, as you know that while everyone is privy to this kind of psychic ability not everyone believes it exists, therefore they deny themselves this kind of amazing experience. April 29 puts a smile on your face, as you know that you will never deny yourself the power of intuition. It's all good and you know it, Libra. Work that magic.


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