3 Zodiac Signs Overcome Their Relationship Problems On April 28

This day brings out our differences, that's for sure.

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Three zodiac signs overcome their relationship problem on Sunday. To make sense of the happenings that occur on April 28, we must stand back and evaluate what upsets us. Is any of it worth its weight in the anger or offense we apply to it? In other words, during the transit of Moon square Mars, we will feel all bent out of shape because our opinion differs from that of someone else, and we might end up asking ourselves: Is it worth it? 


That's the thing with us humans. We get all twisted when someone either doesn't agree with us or has us questioning ourselves on our own opinion. This day brings out the differences, that's for sure, as Moon square Mars was practically 'born' to get a rise out of us. So, what we're looking at during this time is how big our ego is and, like a balloon, how easy it is to pop. The bigger the balloon, the bigger the ego, in this case. 


It takes so little to pop that ego, which is what we will learn the hard way. OK, so it's a big deal: you and a friend don't see eye to eye during Moon square Mars. It's happened before, and it probably will happen again. So, is this a thing we have to take to heart? Do we need to ruin our days over the idea that our buddy doesn't see things as we do? These three zodiac signs will witness this in action, and we'll get past it with a laugh. See, universe? We do learn!

3 zodiac signs who overcome their relationship problems on April 28

1. Taurus

If there's one thing you've shown others, you don't back down too easily, especially if you are hellbent on your opinion. You don't need to be approved of, and you aren't that concerned with the idea that the other person believes they are the 'right' one here. You're found to disagree with someone, and during the transit of the Moon square Mars, you may end up butting heads with a friend who really can't take the fact that you disagree with them.

OK, then that's fine, and if your friend and you cannot see eye to eye, then you're both going to have to either accept this or find a way to make things work out. What you don't want happening is a royal war of words and opinions. Is any of this worthwhile? Is jeopardizing the friendship worth 'being right' for? Here's where Moon square Mars does its work. It's here to upset things, and some of us will fall right into that trap.

The Bright Side: You can let it go. You don't have to write a confession stating that you agree with this other person, but you don't have to hold so tightly to your opinion that your fingers break off. The lesson of the day is all about letting go. You can keep your opinion and live by your word. You can also show the person you are in opposition to that you are considering their opinion as well, and that they, too, are valid.


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2. Cancer

Moon square Mars shows you that you are much more attached to an idea than you thought you were, as this day, has you feeling very defensive towards a friend, when it comes to their opinion versus your own. You don't agree on something and while that 'thing' can be worked on, you both aren't available for a change of heart. You will see that this might not work out for you unless you're willing to give a little.

While you or this other person might not be in love with the idea of compromise, you'll find that if you give just a wee little bit today, during Moon square Mars, you'll get a whole lot more in a very positive and productive way. All this day requires is 'teamwork,' and in the long run, it would be good for you to learn how to bend, or compromise, to a degree.

The Bright Side: Once you move beyond the hump, you'll find that all the dreadful things that you anticipated would occur if you gave in to compromise are not dreadful at all. Now that you are on the other side and working well with the person with whom you so intensely disagreed, you'll see that it was a pretty fantastic idea after all and that agreeing to 'split the difference' seems to work out well for both parties. You can do it, Cancer!


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3. Capricorn

At first, when a conflicting idea comes up for you, you immediately want to dismiss it and chuck it into the bin marked: return to sender. There is someone in your life who really pushes your buttons and so much of this dissension comes from the idea that you both simply have differences of opinion. You believe you are right, and they believe they are right. Unfortunately, you both have to work together, so what to do?

During Moon square Mars, it's quite easy to take things too seriously, but you are pragmatic and thoughtful. This time around, you're going to consider letting the argument go by simply letting this other person have their way. This doesn't mean you sign on for a life of drudgery; in fact, by letting them have their way, you feel that you might learn something.

The Bright Side: Here's where you see that compromise is not a life sentence of flaming regret. This day and its helpful but powerful transit, Moon square Mars, shows you that by being opposed, you, yourself become a better person. That you can compromise and allow for the opinions of others shows that you are bendable and in touch with the flow of nature. Nature flows, and so do you, Capricorn. You can easily turn this day around for the better.


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