3 Zodiac Signs See Big Changes In Their Relationships Starting On April 23

We are prepared to change our ways for the one we love.

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April 23 brings us a Full Moon in Scorpio squaring Pluto, which means that the good luck and great good fortune we'll have in love and romance is available only to those of us who really wish to change our ways for the sake of it. This could definitely be the start of something big, great, and extremely positive, but it's going to take work, so it's will be up to these three zodiac signs to get the job done the right way.


The 'right' way is all about being open to change. That's what we get with Pluto transits and with a Full Moon to lead the way. We are looking at great opportunities, major changes, and the chance to prove ourselves if that happens to be something we need or wish to do for the sake of the person we love. In fact, 'for the person we love' is the go-to line for the day. We are acting on behalf of the one we love. We are prepared to 'change our ways' for the one we love.

For the three zodiac signs that will participate in this day's events, we will see that this is not about sacrifice. We aren't given something up that shouldn't be given up anyway. We are saying 'goodbye' to an old habit that had to go so that we can make more room in our lives for the person we love. We want to accommodate that person and make them happy, and by doing so, we end up making ourselves happier as well.


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Three zodiac signs see big relationship changes on April 23, 2024:

1. Cancer

Here comes a big lesson for you, Cancer. It will show you that positive changes can happen in your life if you allow yourself an open mind and the ability to believe that things can indeed change. There's a lot of Pluto energy influencing you, and you'll see that if you make a mistake, that's your chance to turn it into an opportunity.

In love and romance, you have started to see things change in your relationship that really work for you. What you fear is that these new changes may not last, which is why you have to step up and start speaking your mind so that your worries don't get the chance to manifest as truths. You like what's going on, and you want it to continue this way, but your inner doubt comes forth and has you wondering if any of it is going to last.

All this is good, Cancer, as now you have something to work with. OK, so it's 'doubt' that propels you towards the negative, which means that you need to employ its opposite if things are to work out for you, and that means belief. If you can show your partner that you believe in them and in the positive changes that have taken place recently, then things can continue for a very long time to come.


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2. Virgo

You desire and look forward to a certain kind of upgrade in the romance, but you aren't always there to do your part due to life being so busy. That's how the Scorpio Moon changes you and your attitude.

By knowing that you can get busy you give yourself a choice: will you pace yourself or let your schedule get away from you? Seeing that overscheduling and letting your partner deal with whatever time you can give them isn't working out as well as you'd like it. You may find that the powers that are instilled in you by the light of the Scorpio Moon are the powers that have you willing to do some of that well needed changing. You will be the one who created the revolution today, Virgo. You will be the one who moves the hands on the clock.

You love the person you are with, and they don't press you to change. In fact, you could go on 'as is' forever for all they care, as they truly do love you for who you are. However, 'who you are' is not good enough for you, as you want to be BETTER, and that's a fantastic goal. Why not be better? This is something we should all ascribe to being. You will take it upon yourself to love your partner with all of your 'better' self.


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3. Scorpio

You always find a way to adapt to Scorpio transits as they not only suit you well but they tend to bring out a certain kind of self-confidence in you. Today, you'll be using that confidence to get what you want out of your romantic partner. While that may sound manipulative, it's nothing of the sort. Your partner has promised you something, and while they still haven't delivered on that promise, it will be during the Scorpio Moon that you remind them of what they told you.

You have zero problems with communication. While you won't be aggressive with your words, your meaning will come across, and your partner will hear you. Being listened to is big with you, well, isn't it with all of us? The truth is that you hold people to their word, and your partner did promise you something. This 'something' was supposed to have happened by now.

What's good to know is that you're not the only one influenced by this bold Scorpio Moon, as your partner will catch on very quickly to the fact that they are being held responsible for something they promised. Being that they really are people of their word, they'll come through with shining colors today and all for you, Scorpio. Your partner listens well, and this makes you feel very good about them.


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