3 Zodiac Signs Who Learn An Important Lesson The Week Of April 22

This week has us coming to realize that positive thinking isn't enough; we need to back it up with action.

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We have to know that right from the start, this week, April 22 - 28, is going to be a great one, but in order to reap the benefits that will be so obvious to us throughout the week, we're going to have to meet the universe with that little ol' thing called 'effort.' This week has us coming to realize that positive energy isn't enough. We need to back it up with action. However, when the two work in tandem, everything falls into place.


First, let's get through the lessons that will get us there. Three zodiac signs are well on their way already to learning some of the greater lessons of their life. What this week brings us is a Full Moon in Libra, which is going to be excellent for showing us how to balance all we learned, along with Mercury Direct, which takes the communication breakdown of Mercury retrograde and sets us on a straight course.

We've also got Jupiter trine Uranus and some hefty Pluto energy coming our way, so while we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, we will know we've got to get through the tunnel first. Being that our week ends with Sun trine Moon, we can safely say that all we go through has a purpose and that, in the end, everything works out in our favor.


3 zodiac signs learn an important lesson the week of April 22 - 28

1. Gemini

What you have before you is the reality of a change that must take place in your life and the weight of it on your shoulders. You see that change will be required of you, and while this doesn't upset you, at first, the entire idea of 'how' it's going to take place feels like a bit of a burden.

You're willing to go with the flow, but you haven't seen what that flow is about just yet. Putting together the pieces has you feeling confused this week.

In your heart and mind, you know there's very little you can't handle, but you're also the kind of person who needs a plan. While Gemini isn't always associated with order, the interesting thing about your sign is that once you do seek order, you want it, and you want it now. Mercury Direct leads you to your answer, Gemini, and when you finally get it, the 'seas will part,' so to speak.

Confusion does what confusion does; it robs you of your natural born clarity and places you in an iffy position. The early part of the week will be dedicated to this kind of sketchiness. As soon as Mercury goes direct, you'll find that everything that once felt so awkward and iffy now feels doable and handleable. 


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2. Virgo

You'll find that speaking up for yourself has become a thing that sometimes gets you in trouble. However, this week, you'll also realize that you cannot hold back. It's not that you're a loose cannon; it's that you do have something of value to offer and that if you're able to deliver your message with panache, you'll do well. It's the blunt blurting that gets you in trouble, Virgo.

Mercury Direct has you finally coming to understand that there's a difference between blurting and communicating. With a Full Moon in Libra, you'll also learn that you're just as able to get your point across with finesse if you watch what you say before those words leave your mouth. The thing with you, Virgo, is that you're a super deep thinker, and sometimes you forget to filter before you speak.

In all honesty, this week is not all that bad. The only thing that's going to be required of you is to think first and speak second. That's all. What could make this week a rough one for you is if you haven't learned this lesson yet, but you have, so you should fare pretty well this week. Respect others, and you'll see that you are well respected—like attracts like.


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3. Libra

That Full Moon is what's going to put you on the other side of a big problem. As soon as you see that you really can conquer this, you'll start fighting very hard to make things work out in your life. What you've started to see is that you don't have to stick around for the kind of treatment that others tend to give when they, themselves, are not capable. What brings you down this week is the idea that you're surrounded by people whom you believe to be incapable.

This is more than likely work-related, and what you'll want to avoid is resentment and anger. Yes, we've got some powerful Pluto energy up there in the cosmic sky, and it will make you feel intolerant. With Moon square Mars, you may just blow your top. However, you're a Libra, and that automatically means you'll know how to come back down to earth, where logic rules and balance are in store.

What you know is that this week, you'll get to that other side, and what will be waiting for you after your transformative experience is love and romance. All those work-related shenanigans are easily pushed aside, leaving you with time to concentrate on what matters most to you: your love life.


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