3 Zodiac Signs Barely Avoid Heartbreak On April 19 As Mars Aligns With Uranus

We will gather our strength and see things as they really are.

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Three zodiac signs barely avoid heartbreak on April 19, 2024, despite the challenging Mars Uranus transit. We all go through times in our lives when we feel as though everything hurts our feelings, and we might even realize that we shouldn't let ourselves get too wrapped up in that kind of negative emotion, but then again ... that's the human condition for you. We just do this. We hook on to some negative feelings. We work it for all its worth. On Friday, three specific zodiac signs will be on the verge of heartbreak.


Interestingly, we may be overreacting to a situation that isn't as bad as we choose to perceive it. Yes, something doesn't feel 'right' for these three zodiac signs, but will our hearts be broken? No, they are not going to break, and at some point during the day, we will gather our strength and see things for what they are.

The reality of this day is that we merely give ourselves to dramatic fantasy, which is also one of those human things. We may feel raw, vulnerable and perhaps even a little weepy...but is anything 'really' causing it outside of our own minds? No, and the lesson of the day is all about how much power we give to the negative energy that takes residence in our heads.


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Three zodiac signs avoid heartbreak on April 19, 2024:

1. Aries

When Mars aligns with Uranus, you feel very sentimental about certain things. While you are not one to meander too long in the realm of old, sad feelings, you may find that sometimes those feelings are just plain hard to escape, so you might react to this day's transit with something akin to the anticipation of heartbreak.

First off, nothing is breaking your heart. You are just lingering on the idea that because you once did get your heart broken, on some level, you feel as though it could happen again. Well, of course, it can happen again, Aries, because that's just life. Life is hard, and it comes with the occasional heartbreak, but that doesn't mean you have to sit around waiting for it to happen because on Friday, you're good to go.

If you need to get this out of your system, then that's fair. We all need those days when we have to vent, rant, or just plain feel sorry for ourselves. And for you, this is a mere flash in the pan in terms of negativity. You'll be golden tomorrow, and you don't have to worry too much about the fear of heartbreak, as this is just something you have to go through this vulnerable Mars/Uranus transit.


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2. Virgo

What you'll notice taking place on Friday is this weird, dreaded feeling that accompanies you wherever you go, and if you identify the feeling, you'll see is heartbreak, or rather...the fear of heartbreak to come. While nothing in your life threatens your existence at the moment, you are basing this gut feeling on the past. Yes, you were hurt in the past. This date might be some kind of memory trigger or anniversary for you.

You don't want to engage with others simply because you're too raw and vulnerable. You already anticipate taking things 'the wrong way.' Being that you 'know' this in advance alerts you to the idea that so much of this is in your mind; that's a good thing, Virgo. You may feel raw but you are also aware that you won't stay this way for long.

During this Mars/Uranus transit, you will recognize in yourself the ability to go a little too far when indulging in a bad memory of a sad time. In a way, this kind of negative reaction is entertaining to you, which means that you're not taking it all that seriously anyway. This is a day that ruffles your feathers for a few moments, then recedes into the background quite easily. You will be fine... You just need to get it out of your system; that's all.


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3. Aquarius 

While this Mars/Uranus transit speaks to you in very personal ways, you will also learn that there are lessons to be learned. If you are feeling particularly vulnerable, then that has to mean something. You are keen on listening to your body, and if there's something wrong, you tend to it. It's OK to take time off to heal if that's indeed what is required of you.

You have done your time in the world of heartbreak, and you certainly never want to spend another day in that wretched place again. The great thing is that, at present, you are unthreatened, and this gives you a good platform to stand on when it comes to healing and what you need to do to make the negative feelings go away. You are experienced with love and heartache, and yet, this day allows you to step away from it rather than indulge.

Yes, you feel you could 'break' easily, but you are also the same person who has taken you out of every bad situation you've ever been in. You are truly the champion of your own life, Aquarius, and this inner strength is what you will tap into, as you know that if anyone in the world is going to save you...it's you. Superstar Aquarius.


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