3 Zodiac Signs Who Regret Opening Up To Friend On April 18

Can we trust our best buddies with a secret?

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Three zodiac signs may regret opening up to a friend on April 18. On the one hand, we feel very free and at ease this Thursday, and on the other, we may end up expressing perhaps a little too much as we think that our freedom gives way to excess. What's meant by this is that, in a rush of trust and goodwill, we may go a little too far, which could lead to us sharing something about ourselves with a friend we instantly regret. Uh oh.


It happens. We do things like this all the time. The kicker here is that during transits when the Sun trines the Virgo Moon, we feel so confident about blabbing out our biggest secrets that we forget who we're sharing these intimate details with. That's not to say we can't trust our best buddies, or can we? They say that if one person knows a secret, then two automatically know it. From there on, it grows exponentially because human beings are, well...human. We like secrets, but we like sharing them even more. It gives us a little thrill.

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However, when the Sun trines the Virgo Moon on April 18, three zodiac signs will instantly wish they kept their mouths shut. The heat of the moment extends itself to impulsive blurting and the sharing of 'no-access' secrets. When we accidentally 'tell-all' to a friend that we kinda think we can trust, we'll spend most of the day (and perhaps the weeks to come) wondering if that was the right move or not.

3 zodiac signs who may regret opening up to a friend on April 18

1. Sagittarius 

April 18 reminds you of one of the reasons why Sagittarius are known to blurt and speak a little too freely at times. That is because, during Sun trine Moon, you will feel so confident in what you say to a good friend of yours that you might also simultaneously forget that there are just certain things you should keep to yourself. You can't help it; you love to share.

However, sharing your innermost secrets with a friend may not always leave you feeling 'secure,' as now you feel very vulnerable. The secret is out, and what will this other person do about it now that they know? Is knowing that you are exposed in this way a good thing, or will it bug you for months to come? Will you be waiting for them to forget what you told them in order to feel safe once again?

Here's the thing, Sagittarius: you're overthinking it. It's just fine and dandy that you shared your secret with a friend as you happen to pick very wonderful people as friends, and you can trust that the person with whom you've just shared this vulnerable moment is going to keep your secret safe. You may regret it at first, but as time goes on, you'll realize that you really do have amazing friends. They keep your secrets, and well, that's just special.


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2. Capricorn

If only you could just relax after telling a good friend what's on your mind, but during Sun trine Moon, you might think that maybe you let a little much be known. Now you're feeling uneasy about the degree of exposure you just let a friend in on. Then again, you DO feel better now that you've shared this secret with someone. In a way, it's a good thing that you no longer have to bear its burden all by yourself.

You tend to overthink things, so it only shows that you might instantly regret telling a friend what's on your mind. You will see, as the days pass by, that what is a big deal for you is no such big deal for another person. Remember, this is your secret, not theirs, so the importance isn't as intense for them as it is for you.

Honestly, you've told a good friend. This person has proven themselves to you time and time again, so no worries here, Capricorn. Yes, it's only natural for you to feel as though you should have hesitated before opening your mouth, but now that the cat is out of the proverbial bag, it's no biggie. You're OK, and your friend is your friend for a reason: they are trustworthy, so relax and take a breath.


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3. Pisces 

(February 19 - March 20)

Because you are a very emotional creature, you tend to become needy around friends, especially when you feel vulnerable. This is perfectly fine, Pisces, as you are one of the few zodiac signs who take the opportunity to listen to their hearts when it comes to wanting to share something that's on your mind. On April 18, you'll share with a friend a secret that's been on your mind for a while.

Sharing this knowledge with someone alleviates your worry as it lets you discuss what's going on, and being that you trust this person, it makes the load all the lighter. If you feel as though you made the wrong move in telling them this secret, that feeling of regret will only last for a minute. You've got Sun trine Moon on your side, and very little can go wrong during a transit of such wide-ranging positivity.


So, rest easy that your secret is safe with the person you've confided in. In fact, what you may see happening is that because you shared something so sacred, your friends will feel as though they're special, and they will honor your desire to 'keep it down' even more. It's all OK, Pisces; you did what your heart told you to do. Fortunately, you shared your secret with someone who respects you so much that they'll always be true to you. No worries here.

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