7 Rare Signs Your Friendship Is A Really Good One

You have the rare type of friendship that is going to last forever.

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These days, it seems harder to make true friends. Sometimes it's not easy to tell who is a friend and who is not. Who will be there through life's ups and downs? And who won't? The importance of friendship is undeniable. Friendship creates a sense of belonging, joy, and comfort. It's good for our health and well-being.

We first form friendships in our childhood and teen years. Later, as we go to college or university and then through work or leisure experiences, we make new friends. Some of these friends will go on to be true friends for life. Here are some ways to know if a friendship will last a lifetime.


Here are 7 signs your friendship is a good one:

1. You can tell them anything

They allow you to get vulnerable and trust them with your deepest thoughts and secrets. They won't tell a soul; they're a vault.

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2. They don't expect anything from you

They're not there for a favor, a job, a reference, or a babysitter. They just want to be in your life. They give to you freely because they want to make your life better.

3. They have seen you at your worst

They have been there for you when you've let yourself go when you messed up, had your most embarrassing moments, lost a loved one, or when you've cried your eyes out over a breakup. They don't care how you look or how bad things have gotten. They are there with their hands held out and encouraging words.

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4. They have been there for your best moments

Whether it's been in person in spirit, they were there when you reached a milestone, celebrated a success, or took the plunge. They make you feel empowered, proud, and jubilant.


5. They are reliable

They are the ones when you need someone to talk to or be there. Neither time nor space has changed your relationship. It doesn't matter if they moved across the country or if they're in your backyard. They're a phone call away and you can count on them.



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6. They make you laugh and laugh with you

They are the ones you get into trouble with. They are fun to be around and any situation can turn into a riot.


7. They get you

They understand you like no one else. They instantly know what you need to get out of a rut or solve a problem. They tell you what they think you need to know, directly and compassionately. And they don't judge you. They are your soul sister. When you have one of these rare friends for life, cherish them and tell them how grateful you are.

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Lisa Petsinis is an ICF-credentialed life and career transformation coach who works with women to build lasting life skills — like confidence and resilience — that will help them achieve their life goals.