3 Zodiac Signs Should Prepare For Change Starting April 18, 2024

In other words... 'we got this.'

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Three zodiac signs may see change coming this Thursday. We've got a Moon in Virgo on April 18, 2024. While we don't ordinarily think of Virgo as a warrior sign, there's something about this zodiac sign that knows a good thing when they see it and a bad thing as well. This Leo to Virgo Moon may have us noticing something unfair going on that we may not feel we can tolerate. While Leo may stoke up our feisty side, it will be the Virgo Moon that has us figuring out what we will do about it.


In a way, this Virgo Moon transit has us concluding with the idea that we can control this unfair thing by shedding light on it, exposing it for what it is so that we can all move on in peace. What three zodiac signs might see happening today is the act of standing up for ourselves. Yes, we spot an unfairness, and we also know that we can reroute this exchange, and we do.


This isn't always an easy thing to do, meaning changing a situation from bad to good simply by thinking about it, addressing it, and then changing it. Not everything is that easy to change, but for these three zodiac signs, we see that all it takes is belief in ourselves and a kind but practical approach to problem-solving. In other words ... 'we got this.'

3 zodiac signs should get ready for change on April 18, 2024:

1. Gemini

There are so many times when you recognize that something is wrong, yet you either don't speak up or you don't stand up for yourself when it feels as though the problem is directed towards you. To keep the peace, you either back down or you stay silent, and it's worked for you. What doesn't work for you is keeping silent forever. You have a voice and an opinion. While it's commendable that you don't enter arenas where you know you'll lose, you also realize that there are times when you have to stand up for yourself.

While this day has you second-guessing your abilities, you'll be jumpstarted by the Virgo Moon transit, as this cosmic aspect will have you second-guessing your guessing. Basically, what that implies is that you'll wonder, today, why you haven't just demanded respect or why you stay silent when the only thing that's going to bring you peace lies in the idea of speaking up.

That is why this day is both rough and a complete relief for you, Gemini. This is the day that you don't see the difficulty in standing up for yourself because you truly do believe in that which is on your mind. You don't think it would be the right move to back down and let yourself be trod upon. This opens the gate for future 'nervy' moves on your part. Your courage gets restored today, thanks to the Virgo Moon.


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2. Leo

You are someone who can't keep your feelings to yourself. While that, at times, is a very helpful way to live, it can sometimes create tension within you and a feeling of repression. On April 18, you'll recognize a feeling within you that you understand as discomfort, and the culprit will be an unexpressed emotion. You can't keep it in, and you've seen what keeping it in creates in you. During the Virgo Moon, you'll call it quits. No more bottling up your emotions.

While coming to this realization may be a rough road, you'll start to feel freer as the day goes on. Luckily, you'll have someone to share your thoughts with, as a friend or a romantic partner. You aren't ever alone, Leo, and there's always someone in your life who wants to be there for you during times like this. 'Times like this' are the times that you have felt more at ease about disclosing your truths.

What starts as a hard day for you soon resolves itself in your open-minded attitude toward sharing. Friends are there for you, and love is waiting for you to join it. The idea of living freely is very appealing to you, as you don't want to hold back. During the Virgo Moon, you'll see that there is nothing to fear. You are with people who love you, so relax and enjoy what you have. Let it all out, Leo, it's all safe here.


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3. Pisces

What you feel strongly about today is the idea of being able to trust the people around you, or more specifically, the person you are in a relationship with. While you may have felt a bit confused over the last few days, you will see that so much of your confusion or lack of clarity has something to do with your self-doubt. During the Virgo Moon, it's easy enough to doubt one's self, but the kicker is to get out of it when you see that kind of negativity coming.

You, being Pisces, know how to get yourself out of dark places, as you know that you're the one who puts you there. What this means is that you're experiencing feeling blue. During the Virgo Moon, that feeling is something you can deal with. Not only that, it's something you know how to get out of, and you'll be employing that talent today.

You are so good at flipping things over, which means that during the Virgo Moon, you'll take a potentially negative situation and you'll flip it over and make it into something glorious and positive. And, if this has something to do with the person you're in a relationship with, then all the better. You know what a mental trip this life is, and as of this day, you'll make a firm decision to see things from the bright side. That's just who you are, Pisces.


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