3 Zodiac Signs Who Finally Get The Apology They've Been Waiting For On April 15

How will we feel when the person who once did us wrong apologizes?

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Imagine getting the apology you've been waiting for on April 15, for what feels like a lifetime. Too little, too late? Perhaps, but it should be amusing to see how these three zodiac signs will feel on Monday as they finally receive word from someone who should have spoken up a long, long time ago. Expect the unexpected with the transit, Moon square Mercury on April 15, as communications come out of nowhere on days like this.


For some of us, receiving word from a person whom we feel has owed us an apology for something done in the past may be redundant. Why now? Why are they approaching us now? Are they suddenly stricken with guilt, or have they done some self-help course that asks them to make a list of those they've done wrong — and then follow up by apologizing? Are we part of their healing experiment, or are they sincere or both?

Three zodiac signs will hear the words, 'I'm sorry,' We will get the chance to process those words to see if they mean anything to us. Apologies are timely things, indeed. If they don't show up on time, they lose their value, or worse, they become resented and rejected. How will we feel when the person who once did us wrong comes forth and shares with us their apology?


3 zodiac signs get the apology they have been waiting for on April 15:

1. Gemini

Expect to be an emotional mess, Gemini, as that one thing you've wanted for so long is about to happen, and that is, of course, the apology you've kept in mind for what seems like eons. Someone hurt you, and you hurt them back, and ever since then, nothing's been the same. You might be one to deliver an apology yourself, but pride has kept you both back; neither of you wanted to be the first one to step up — and apologize.

The other person will be the one who approaches first. Whatever they've gone through over this last bit of time has softened them. Has the time softened you, too, Gemini? What's happening, thanks to Moon square Mercury's celestial push, is that the communication breakdown is now over. You are both ready to resume or at least continue without feeling animosity towards each other. 

This person, who was someone in your life who meant the world to you, is the one who will take the initiative and reach out to you this Monday. What brings about the tears of joy and emotion is that this is what you wanted, Gemini. You wanted it so badly that when it finally does come, as it will be the first day of the week, your relief is so great that you bawl your eyes out with happiness.

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2. Virgo

You know that someone did you wrong. Not only did they do you wrong, but they walked away from you and left you 'holding the bag;' Long ago, you trusted someone with your heart, and when they suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere decided that they no longer loved you, they left you, silently and without taking any kind of responsibility.

Just as you've finally removed this person from your heart, you will hear from them, and they will be contrite. This is something you never excepted. You always fantasized about what you'd feel if they took responsibility for their actions — and apologized. Well, get ready because this apology is going to take place now.

What an anti-climactic experience it will be, as you are not only unfazed by their emotional outpouring of guilt, you are also not into hearing them say another word. In your mind, the idea of an apology was this big thing, but now that Moon square Mercury has moved this person into action, you feel it's really 'too little, too late.' Next window, please. Had they apologized a long time ago, everything would have been different. But they didn't.

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3. Capricorn 

(December 22 - January 19)

You will receive an apology from someone whom you believed should have come through for you a long, long time ago. Now that they are right in front of your face, looking glum and apologetic, you feel their apology is not only not enough but that it's fake. You don't believe it, and while they are likely not faking it, you aren't going to give them the benefit of the doubt.

You are feeling very doubtful about the person who should have come through for you a long time ago but didn't. Their timing is horrid, and you know this because had they apologized when an apology was needed, you would have forgiven them promptly. Life would have been different, but they took their sweet time, and now it is 'too little, too late.' Not to mention that you don't believe they are as contrite as they are trying to seem.

So, you finally get the apology that you've been waiting for, even though, in reality, you stopped waiting for anything from this person for a long time now. OK, so they got it off their chest; you'll give them that. As for you, you've already healed from the pain they instilled, and Monday is just another day in the life for you, Capricorn. The playing field is now even, the score is settled, and as far as you're concerned, life goes on ... happily. 


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