3 Zodiac Signs Whose Love Has Run Cold On April 15

This is a day of liberation and strength for three zodiac signs.

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In order for a person's love to run cold, we have to identify the experience as one that is so uncomfortable that we have to shut down our emotional take on it. There comes a point in many relationships where we realize that this isn't working and that after so many tries, we can no longer push forward. On the one hand, we resist thinking this way as we don't want to accept what's going on. On the other hand, we see it for what it is, and we realize that we can't spend another moment feeling the way we feel.


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During the Moon square Mercury, we will find that we are no longer interested in playing the game of love because that's what it's turned into: a game. Our partners have pushed their luck, and we are no longer there for it. We've given them an inch, and they've taken a mile. While we used to keep on giving and giving those inches, we are now all tapped out. Our love has come to an end.


We feel it now in our souls. The love we once had for a certain so, and so has run dry. They can no longer hurt us. Even though getting to this place takes time and heartbreak, we will see that the minute we feel as though we're ready to shut those gates, we will simultaneously free ourselves from all cold feelings. This is a day of liberation and strength for three zodiac signs.

3 zodiac signs whose love runs cold on April 15:

1. Taurus 

It happened. You didn't want it to happen, but here you are, and what you see is that your heart feels nothing. You have come to that point in your life where something inside you has snapped, and the interesting thing about this 'break' is that you feel good about it. It took a very long time for you to get to this place, as you've spent a long time nursing a wound that perhaps healed a long time ago.

It will be during this transit that you recognize within yourself the need to let go. What you've held on to has become more of a routine than an actual feeling. You've gotten used to feeling too much, and your empathy levels are tapped out. On April 15, you will notice that your love has officially run cold. While you haven't become a cold person, per se, what you have become is stronger in mind, body and soul.

You cherish your life so much, Taurus, that you don't want to continue with this dull, achy memory as you've started to realize that if you give too much to that one person in your life who takes and takes and gives nothing in return, then you'll be depleted. That's not the Taurus way. You wish to return to your former state of happiness, and in order to do so, you have to accept that right now, your love has run cold. This is the first step to healing that heart of yours. Fear not.


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2. Sagittarius 

On April 15, you feel you have taken as much as you possibly could, and now, you're ready to end this feeling once and for all. You feel as though you've been played or that you've been somehow taken advantage of in a relationship. You've let so many things slide that you're starting to wonder if the person you have been in this relationship with has even the slightest shred of integrity. You will finally decide that you no longer care if they do or if they do not.

What this day brings you is the ability to pull away emotionally. You might feel as though the love you have for this person has run dry and that you have nothing left in that reservoir. Alas, you are still a person of great love. You simply aren't going to make yourself available to people who cannot treat you with the respect you know you deserve. This day marks a crossroads for you, Sagittarius.

You will walk away from the pain. As Carly Simon once sang, "I haven't got time for the pain." This is you today day. You have given your heart and your soul and all that comes with it, and you've figured out that the person you are dealing with is in their world. Perhaps, if they haven't got time for you, then you haven't got time for them, either. Life goes on, and one thing is for sure: you'll be happy.


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3. Aquarius

The main reason why you feel as though your love for your partner has grown cold is because you feel that, on some level, you have to protect your heart. This partner of yours hasn't been acting like themselves lately, and this feels like a warning sign to you. What's great about you, Aquarius, is that you pick up on these things very quickly. So when Moon square Mercury comes to influence your choices, you will choose to walk away, as you see heartbreak in your future if you stay.

Before you make any rash moves, however, have that conversation with your partner first. You may feel as though you are turning into ice as a result of their recent behavior but take a closer look first. This may not be the end, and while you are wildly perceptive, you may also not be thinking this through. Let them have their say, and then decide whether you need to shut it down or keep it open.

We all need to protect our hearts, it's true, and in your case, you sometimes take that feeling too far. So, while you might be one hundred percent correct, take a few moments to see what's going on with your partner. What feels cold and dreadful right now may just be a phase. It will be worth your while to investigate, Aquarius. If your initial gut feeling is right, and something is 'wrong,' then you can work with that when the time comes.


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