3 Zodiac Signs Tell Someone Exactly How They Feel On April 13, 2024

During the Cancer Moon, love is a very easy emotion to express.

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Three zodiac signs, on April 13, could be the ones to confess their love during the Moon in Cancer.

When we think of the Cancer Moon, we think of home-based situations, the love of the heart, family life, and emotional comforts. Saturnday has us hosting this lunar transit once again. This time, there's a hitch: this is the day that the Cancer Moon taps into our need to share our love. In this case, someone will be on our minds who needs to hear us out, as in, 'We are going to confess our love!'


We know that time is of the essence. We know that we need to strike while the iron is hot. That basically means that if we don't get up the nerve to tell that one person that we love them NOW, we might miss the moment, and three zodiac signs will know in their hearts that there is no way that the moment is going to get away. While the Cancer Moon is not an aggressive transit, it stirs up the love in us. We want to do something with that love, and we will.

The fun part is that we may find out something very special about the person we are confessing our love to on this day. We may end up hearing how they feel the same and that if we didn't beat them to the punch, they would have spoken up on this very day and confessed their love for us. Do you believe in coincidences? We think not! During the Cancer Moon, love is a very easy emotion to express.


3 zodiac signs who confess their love on April 13:

1. Aries 

When you get something into your head, you are like a bullet train. You have to get your ideas out and be the first one there, on time, and ready to rock. April 13 has you feeling so filled with confidence and clarity that it would be insane to get in your way. You are the bringer of good news, the bearer of positive energy, and the person who is about to confess their undying love to someone who needs to hear what you have to say. Wow.

During this day's Cancer Moon, you will have gone over your speech several times, as you really want to get it right when you tell the person you love how you feel. You don't want to mince words, but you're a bit of a stickler when it comes to presentation. So the one who is about to hear from you is not only going to be dazzled by you but they will be surprised that you went this far out of your way to confess in such a wild and loving manner.

There's nobody like you, Aries when it comes to showing love, and the lucky person who gets to be loved by you can know that this love is real. You will absolutely be in your best form on this day. Because you've got help from the Cancer Moon, you'll present yourself in such a way that the person you will confess your love to will, in no way, be able to resist your charms.

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2. Virgo 

The funny thing about you, Virgo, is that you are ordinarily very shy. While that doesn't mean you aren't brave, there are times when you just hold on to your thoughts rather than share them. Fortunately, Saturday, you'll have the Cancer Moon to kick you into gear. The main reason you'll get over any shyness is that you are just dying to confess your love to that one special person.

Oh boy, are they in for a treat, too, because when you DO get over your shyness, you're a MAJOR force and completely irresistible. That person you like? Well, you've seen how life works. You've come to learn that if you don't strike while the iron is hot, you blow your chances, and that is one thing that you will not let happen — not with this person, oh no.

What you'll experience with the Cancer Moon is a sense of accomplishment. Not only will you confess this undying love to the person who needs to hear it, but you will make sure they don't get away, as you will provide ample reasons for them to love you back. This is the way you work, but the truth is, they want to be with you. Even though you want to 'seal the deal,' the only thing that they will see is that you're adorable. Well, that works!

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3. Capricorn 

You don't like thinking of yourself as too much of a romantic. Still, when push comes to shove, you know one thing: the person you have fallen for is someone you are not going to let get away, which is why you are going to march yourself right onto that person. You are going to declare your deep and abiding love. Confession time! It's got you, Capricorn.

Because you are pragmatic, you know that you can't let certain opportunities go unnoticed, and you have come to see that this is quite true regarding love and romance. Can this person escape your loving arms? Oh yes, they can, but will you let this happen? Oh no, you won't. You get super practical about how you feel. You know if you don't let it be known, then it will stay that way, and you want them to know what's on your mind.

Good luck follows you through the day. You've got the Cancer Moon on your side. You know that if you do the right thing, then all will work out 'as planned.' Yes, you have a plan, and that's what motivates you. You like to see things through, and that goes for confessing your love to someone. This can work. In fact, this is going to work, and you know it.


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