3 Zodiac Signs Avoid Falling In Love With The Wrong Person On April 13

In the end, we know we made the right choice.

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This day's Cancer Moon square Neptune has us wondering if we made a mistake when we fell in love with the person in our lives right now. This transit, which occurs on April 13, has us second-guessing ourselves. The interesting thing about it is that we want to entertain the idea that second-guessing is a good thing because we've shown ourselves that, in the past, we have rushed into love a little too fast.


Three zodiac signs may stand back and ask themselves if the person they are with is really 'the right one' to be in love with. While that might feel rough at first, the revelation is soon to hit: Questioning ourselves is a good thing. We might not have seen it that way at first, but Cancer Moon square Neptune shows us that we're not being naive. We're not leaping into something we aren't testing out first.

So, what might feel harsh at first is only us wondering if we're on the right path in love because, honestly, we want to do the right thing. We don't want to wake up someday and think, "Oh boy, I made a mistake," so, in a way, we're getting this worry out of the way now. When mixed with a Cancer Moon, Neptune's energy will have us seeking solutions and finding them in quick fixes. What this day brings us is confidence. We may ask questions and have doubts, but in the end, we know that we made the right choice. Sweet!


3 zodiac signs avoid fall in love with the wrong person on April 13:

1. Gemini

Questioning authority is part of your nature, as you are one of the most inquisitive zodiac signs. While you don't see your partner as 'authority' per se, you are still the same person who must analyze and consider all aspects of what's going on in your life. You get along very well with the person you are with. You might even say that you love them dearly, but you aren't quite sure that you've made the right choice in being with them.

That's OK. This is how you work, Gemini. During a transit like Cancer Moon square Neptune on April 13, you'll do what you've always done: you analyze a thing until it makes sense to you. This is admirable and wise. What's nice about it is that you keep this to yourself. You aren't going to make this person feel scrutinized. You just need your moment to think things through. You need this day to ask yourself if you've made the wrong move or the right one.

What all of this analysis brings you is clarity, Gemini, and that's what helps you function well. This is the day you realize that all the fuss you made to figure out if you've fallen for the wrong person or not has resulted in the knowledge that you definitely feel for the right person.

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2. Sagittarius

What starts as a rough day for you slowly but surely reveals itself to you as a day you had to experience, as this is the day you figure out something big in your life. It seems that your life experience has led you to distrust. It's hard for you to trust the person you are with, but not because they've done anything wrong to you. You find it hard to trust, which is why this day, April 13, is important for the good of your romantic relationship.

What Cancer Moon square Neptune does for you now is help you determine whether there's actually something wrong or if you are filtering your partner's actions through your fear and distrust. Because this is a Cancer transit, and you work very well with such events, you'll discover that your fears are easily dissolved, as there is nothing to worry about.

This day has you seeing something very clearly when it comes to your relationship. Your partner is indeed a fantastically dedicated person, and you can trust them, as they love you very, very much. There is no need to underestimate them, and while that's a learning curve for you, you'll find that in time, everything will work out exactly as you would hope for.

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3. Pisces

At first, you might take something your partner does today the wrong way. Because you aren't sure what to do with that information, you might find yourself going down that rabbit hole of doubt. During Cancer Moon square Neptune, on April 13, it's easy enough to misunderstand something a loved one says and easier still to look for ways to justify yourself for doing so.

What's great is that you're just as capable of turning it all around. You'll notice how quick you are to judge, and you'll surprise yourself, as this is not the person you want to be, especially after you take a breath and look at the reality of the situation: your partner adores you. There is nothing in the world they wouldn't do for you. If suddenly you take something they say out of context, then you need to step back and consider the reality of what's going on.

What's going on is that people are people, and sometimes, we say things that are just plain goofy or foolish. If your partner says something that rubs you the wrong way, then say something. Don't take it too harshly, Pisces. This isn't enough to have you wondering about their worth. The person you have chosen to spend your time with is indeed a wonderful person, and they are worth keeping. Hold tight!


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