Relationships Improve For 3 Lucky Zodiac Signs On April 12, 2024

We worked hard on our relationships to get where we want to be.

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On Friday, April 12, 2024, three zodiac signs will be the luckiest in love, thanks to a lunar-Mercury transit.

We'll be speeding things right along when it comes to our love lives. This rapid-paced and very adventurous day will give us both closure, completion, and the idea that we finally know what we're doing in our relationships. OK, OK, let's get specific here. This Friday, we're being guided by a lunar Mercury transit, and for lovers, this is when we finally get to know that one thing that we've been dying to know: "Do you love me?"


The answer is yes, and that will make us very happy. Not only will we know that we are loved, but we're also going to know where we stand. That's the closure we're looking at in our relationships. So, if we've had a crush on someone, or even if we've been in a relationship where the 'truth of the matter' hasn't actually been said aloud, then it will be now, during this Mercury lunation, that we find out where we stand. Oh, what a relief it will be.

Friday doesn't come without a secret inner appreciation of what we, ourselves, did to get here, however. Three zodiac signs showed patience and stamina to endure. This is a super talent in itself, and the luck we'll walk into on April 12 is the luck we created for ourselves. We did it! We are now the proud recipients of a love that makes us joyful. Huzzah!


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3 zodiac signs will create their own luck in love on April 12

1. Cancer 

That little hot planet, Mercury, is working hard to make sure you are one happy camper this Friday. Oh, Cancer, you can sit back and know that when it comes to love and romance, you're in luck. What you want is coming through for you, and the joy you'll feel over the good news that you'll be receiving is not only comforting, it's a serious relief!

Because Mercury is working with the Moon, you'll not only feel the comfort of knowing what's really going on, but your mind will be at ease, as well. This Mercury lunation works to put you in the right mindset for whatever is to come. What's to come seems to be a whole lot of love and the kind of affection you've been craving for a long time. This is your lucky day, Cancer, and your smiles will be aplenty.

What you want to know is what your romantic partner will tell you, and it will confirm your feelings for them. Not only that, but the idea of finally finding out how they feel about you will determine where this relationship will go in the future. As far as you're concerned, everything looks promising. This is what you wanted, Cancer, so be happy and rejoice — it's all working out for you. Nice!


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2. Scorpio 

You may not have been too sure about where this relationship of yours was heading. Friday brings you the clarity you've wanted to see — and with good news, too. Mercury's energetic vibe is stirring things up around you to make things happen. There's a definite 'air' of action taking place. When it comes to love and romance, the vibe sways toward the positive.

In fact, you'll see that not only does luck seem to be on your side, but your partner seems to be breaking out of their shell. You knew this would happen! Or, maybe you just hoped it would happen because you saw the potential there. Now that you've confirmed the fact that this person not only loves you but wants to spend their life with you, you might find yourself giggling like a loon throughout the day.

You really enjoy what's happening, Scorpio, and you feel as though you are finally ready to relax and just let it happen. What a great day this is. Your partner has finally decided that all of this is worthwhile and that they are courageous enough to let it all happen. Nobody is inhibited during this Mercury transit. If there's something that needs to be said, it will be said with love. Yeah!


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3. Pisces 

If you had to make a wish, you know that right now, your wish would have something to do with your partner and how they communicate their love and affection to you. In fact, if you wanted to get really specific, you'd probably have to admit that you want them to show you a little more affection, as they aren't as free with the stuff as you are. On April 12, however, you'll see a change in your romantic partner, as they seem to have finally gotten the hint. Woohoo!

Yes, this Mercury lunation is doing the trick, Pisces, and it looks like you don't have to work that hard to extract this kind of affection from them after all. You made a big deal about it in your mind, but guess what? They not only picked up on what you were thinking about, they took the initiative to manifest that dream of love for you, and in the long run, it was easy for them to do. 

You realize that your partner is as good as they come, and if you need a little extra 'something' from them, then all you need to do is ask. Yes, that puts you in the position of having to be the aggressor, but so what? It's all for love and sweetness, so if you have to push a tiny bit, then that's the way it goes. You are loved. Your partner is devoted to making you happy. Does it get any better than that? Nope!


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