2 Zodiac Signs Change Their Own Lives For The Better On April 11

On this day, we will try a new tactic: friendliness.

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For those of us who work in offices or at jobs that have us in close contact with other coworkers, we all know that this can, at times, be somewhat oppressive. We enter the workplace wanting to 'get along' with everyone we work with, but there will always be those folks who rub us the wrong way. This is only human, but that explanation isn't what will help us in this case. During the Gemini Moon trine Pluto, we will be given an opportunity to find a way to make our entire work experience a positive one.


First off, we can understand that there will always be clashes in the workplace. It just happens, and for these two zodiac signs, it's time to open our hearts and learn how to live with what we cannot change. We all want our jobs, and if there's a clash in personality, we must accept that this person is just as eager to hold on to their position as we are. So, during the Gemini Moon trine Pluto transit, we will try a new tactic: friendliness.

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We may feel we have to bite the bullet to dull down our 'secret' feelings towards this coworker's time, but that effort will pay off. Compromise is key, and we have the universal lineup to help us understand this. These two zodiac signs could potentially change their own lives for the better by simply accepting the ups and downs of the work environment and possibly getting a good friend out of the deal. Now, that's time worth investing in.

3 zodiac signs change their own lives for the better on April 11

1. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

You know yourself very well, Virgo, and you know that if something bothers you, you either nip it in the bud right now, or it becomes a thing that twists your brain for days or even weeks to come. The beauty of this day is that you feel strong, confident, and capable, and this day's troubles will not get the best of you. You are experiencing a clash at the office, and rather than let it go on indefinitely, you turn to your resource of caring, and let your coworker know that coworker peace is the main goal here.

On April 11 you may see that you are stronger than you thought you were and that all the tension you feel between you and the person you work with is merely a stepping stone for you to learn something important about yourself. This is key during the Gemini Moon trine Pluto transit, as this is when you see that so much of what you perceive as 'the problem' is not only solvable but something you can play a positive role in creating.


During the Gemini Moon trine Pluto, we look to ourselves for change rather than place blame on others. Here you have the perfect opportunity to change yourself, and while only yesterday you might not have accepted that you might play a role in the betterment of this working relationship on April 11, promises you that if you take the time to understand the other person's motives and behavior patterns, then maybe you can work something out for the future. There is much goodness here at play. Take advantage of it, Virgo.

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2. Scorpio 

(October 23 - November 21)

While it's known far and wide that you like to be the boss in all situations, sometimes real life shows you that it's not about 'one-upmanship' but about teamwork. On April 11, during the Gemini Moon trine Pluto, you're going to see that it's OK to listen to what others have to contribute, as this really is a team you're working with. While your ideas are always respected and placed in an important position, sometimes you have to back off a tiny bit so that others can have their say, too.


What this day shows you is that what irks you about a fellow teammate, or coworker in this case, is more about yourself than it is about them. There are many layers to this psychological onion, and when we hear sayings like "we don't see the world as it is, but as we are," we have to stop and think about that. If we are bothered and feeling judgmental about someone, perhaps the real issue is inside us. That's not an easy thing to hear, but once we get it ... boom! The world opens up, and not only that, it becomes a happy place.

When we want to 'speak our mind' to a coworker, consider Craig Ferguso-coworker: "Does this need to be said? Does this need to be said NOW? Does this need to be said now by ME?" Scorpio, you are quick-witted. That's your nature, and that's OK, but ask yourself if it's worth it first because the chances are that you might be better off accepting this other person as they are. Acceptance, in this case, is the path to happiness at work, at play, and in love.

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