3 Zodiac Signs Whose Intuition Is Right About A Relationship On April 10

Three zodiac signs unconsciously look away from the warning signs in love and discover that it's best to not to.

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What we have to work with on April 10 is a cosmic alignment of Mars, Saturn, and Uranus, and these three planets can definitely create the conditions for emotional blindness, ignorance, or selective memory. What's meant here is that it will be on Wednesday that three zodiac signs unconsciously choose to look away from the warning signs when they are presented to us in obvious ways. We are choosing to see it our way rather than the way it really is.


When it comes to love, that can turn into a hard lesson. Love has us wanting the very best for all parties. When we fall in love with someone, we don't want to think that our judgment is off or that we could possibly be wrong about the person we are about to give our heart to. We want it to be a dream come true, a fantasy in the making. We don't want to see the underbelly of the beast, so to speak.

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What we might want to check on this day is our level of desperation. Do we want love so badly that we are willing to ignore the warning signs that we very clearly see? This could be a great day to regain one's self-respect. For three zodiac signs, we may learn the greatest lesson of them all, which is that we can trust our gut, listen to it, and steer our lives in the right direction. A warning sign doesn't necessarily mean a disaster, but if we pay attention to it, we can avoid such a disturbance in the future.

These three zodiac signs learn to listen to their gut in love starting April 10:

1. Taurus

The last thing in the world that you ever want to hear from anyone in your life are the words, "I told you so." Ugh, that's definitely the stuff that burns you up, and yet, the worst part is when they're actually right. The "I told you so" that you might hear on Wednesday has something to do with that one thing your partner did that really gave it all away. The part that has you saying "Ugh" lies in the idea that you knew it. You knew they'd do what they just did. 

You saw the warning signs and ignored them, or rather, you noted them and then pushed them away. Still, you're a very smart person, and you don't want to live in ignorance. So, during this day's Mars-Saturn-Uranus transit, you'll accept that the warning signs you once ignored have now come home to roost, as they say. What this means is that mid-week you'll see that there's no longer time to ignore what is blatantly obvious.

This day has you confronting your romantic partner and perhaps even giving them an ultimatum. What you'll discover is that, by telling the truth and drawing the truth out of them, there's suddenly hope here. Ah, so it's not all lost. Yes, you ignored the warning signs, but this person is still basically a good person, and you still love them to pieces, so if they can agree to work on their stuff, you can agree to give them a second chance.


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2. Virgo 

You are completely aware of what you got yourself into, and you have no regrets. Are you completely happy with your choices? Well, not really, but you are also not walking around moping over the idea that the romantic relationship you're in isn't ideal. You are a realist in this sense. While you are completely conscious that you, at one point, ignored the warning signs that came along with the person you are romantically linked to, you don't care. You're fine with it all.

Because you are working with a Mars-Saturn-Uranus transit on April 10, you may feel as though you're supposed to prove something to others, to show them that you don't mind that your partner is 'this way,' as you've been feeling those prying eyes judge you on how you live your life, in terms of love and romance. You'll do it your way, and no, it won't be up to 'their' standards, but it's yours. That means you get to decide how to deal with whatever it is that you knew was a warning sign way back when.

Whatever it is, you know that you'll get past it. That's just how it works in your romance. You know you're not perfect and that this is no fairy tale, but that's just fine with you, so it shouldn't be an issue for anyone else. If you hear the words, "I told you so," on this day, you may end up giving whoever says those words 'the face.' It's OK. You saw the warning signs, you ignored them, and guess what? You survived ... so there!


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3. Pisces 

While you're not thrilled with the idea that you knew this was coming, you are also not going to defend your past behavior because you truly do feel that everything is meant to be, no matter what happens. How can it be any other way if a thing happens? Is there an alternative? It is not in your mind. When you understand that at one point in your life, you consciously ignored the warning signs that came with your romantic partner's personality, you take it in stride. It's all in a life's work, right?

This Wednesday, during this oddball Mars-Saturn-Uranus transit, you'll find that you are both defensive and relaxed. It's as if, yes, you know you made a mistake, but as you see it, it's not a life-changing event. You're fine with making a mistake as long as it doesn't upset the picture so much that people are hurt by it. Nobody is hurt by it, so 'all in a day's work.'

This cosmic line-up shows you that all you really need to do at this point is stay alert, keep your eyes open, and address any problems that arise between you and your partner that need serious attention. There's no sense in ignoring the warning signs when things like communication exist, and you know how to choose your words, Pisces. Use that ability to settle things and be happy with what you can do. It's all going to work out.


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