2 Zodiac Signs Are Super Empathetic On April 6, 2024

People are frustrated and they are taking it out on other people.

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By the end of this day, April 6, 2024, two zodiac signs will be mighty glad that the day is over, as this is one of those times when we are asked to go over our quota for what we can take when it comes to being pushed around by the people who supposedly 'love' us.

What this means is that, on this day, during the notorious transits of Moon conjunct Mars and Saturn, we might see a side to our partners or friends that we didn't know existed, and it might not make us that happy.


With Mars and Saturn's influence so readily available on this day, we may find that the people in our lives are acting peculiar, or rather, a little too aggressive for our tastes. This may surprise us, and it could even put us off a bit if we don't take the time to understand how this transit works.

People are frustrated, and they take it out on other people. There is nothing personal about the way things are going down on this day, but that's not how the two zodiac signs are going to see it.

So, our best bet on this day, during Moon conjunct Mars and Saturn, is to step back and let 'that person' do their thing and get it out of their system.


That's not to say we should offer ourselves up to them so that they have a verbal punching bag to deliver blows to, but it is to say that we needn't take what they say seriously. The irony of this day is that it requires empathy, and the more we have, the more we feel for the one who clearly doesn't understand how hurtful they are. 

These three zodiac signs will be super empathetic on April 6, 2024:

1. Aries 

(March 21 - April 19)

First things first: what you hear on this day, April 6, is not meant as an insult to you, but your first reaction may be that whatever was said was deliberately meant to cause you pain. Take it easy on yourself, Aries, as this is not the case.


What you are going through is a defensive reaction to a passing comment, and the last thing you want to do is give it more credit than it's worth. If you've been experiencing hardships over the last few weeks, you may be feeling raw or overly emotional during Moon conjunct Mars and Saturn.

While it may be hard for you to 'come back down to earth,' you'll see that there is no point in you going too far down the rabbit hole when it comes to taking in all the negativity that surrounds you on this day. This is where you must resolve to work with that inner store of magnificent Aries energy to help you raise yourself. You needn't fall, Aries. Resist the idea that 'nothing is working out' for you.

Take a look at your history. Are you a survivor? Oh, heck yes, you most certainly are, so there's no evidence to show that you won't survive this latest drama, as well. It's OK if you temporarily give in to the idea that you've had it rough and that you're allowed to feel blue, but you know yourself well enough to know with certainty that nothing about this day or these rough times will last. Onwards, Aries. Do your warrior thing. We're counting on you!

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2. Virgo 

(August 23 - September 22)

What you're about to do on this day, April 6, during the transit of Moon conjunct Mars and Saturn, is take it all too hard. You won't be able to stop yourself because, well, you're on a roll. What this means is that if something has gone wrong in your life, you are sad about a particular thing, or you may not be able to control how far 'down' you go because you feel as though it's all sucking you down the rabbit hole. You don't want to feel 'this' bad, but you aren't looking for something to grab onto on your way down.

There's one thing that's on your mind, and it really hurts you to think about it. It sets you up for both denial and acceptance. On the one hand, you don't want to deal with what is coming up. On the other hand, you must deal with it, so denial is overruled, which creates such conflict in you. Because it's Moon conjunct Mars and Saturn, there's a lot of anger in your sadness. All of it cannot be helped, but you certainly don't have to live in it for much longer. An ending is in sight, and it's good.

As cold as it may sound, your best bet is all about acceptance. There are certain things you can't fight, Virgo, and if the inevitable is here and showing you what it needs, then you need to work with it rather than fight it.


There are things we can control in this life, and there are things we need to accept, as we cannot control the outcome, so your healthiest option for this day is to go with the flow as much as you possibly can. This day is about you accepting what's going on. The more you accept, the easier it will be.

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